A Look Back at 2014

'Tis the season for taking a look back over the past year, isn't it? I had fun spending an afternoon looking back through my blog posts of 2014, which were just as full of projects as they were BIG life changes and fun times. I'd love for you to take a look back at some highlights from this year with me before we jump into the new year in a couple short days!

We kicked off 2014 on a fabulous family vacation in beautiful St. Barth. All those photos and memories still make me smile :). If you're in the mood to escape the winter chill, some of these photos might help! Part 1 is here and part 2 is here.

Y'all were clearly as excited as I was to find a solution for removing those pesky sticky labels from glass - it was one of the most popular posts for the year!

In February, I gave an update on the state of the blog along with announcing my new job and our big move to Philadelphia for my husband to go to grad school. We were excited then about that move, and I'm happy to report that the transition went really smoothly and Philly has been quite good to us so far.

I'm always learning new things about photography, so I decided to round up a few of my favorites in this post that included 10 handy tips tricks and tutorials from around the web.

As we began to wind down our time in DC, the projects wound down as well. I did sneak in one more before we left for our bedroom: a West Elm wood tile-inspired side table makeover.

I didn't get to as many organization projects as I would've liked to in 2014, but I did get my office area in order since my new job has me working from home. Magazine files have turned out to be my secret weapon for keeping order. They lived in the grasscloth covered Expedit in our DC apartment, and on a gold and white shelf in my new office in Philly.

In March, May Richer Fuller Be got a facelift! I had a blast coming up with a new design for the blog.

One of my favorite places in the whole world is my parents' river house (we're here right now, in fact!). It was so fun shooting photos of the living room, dining room and den, and sharing them with y'all. We're hoping for many more trips down here in the coming year.

We moved out of our itty bitty DC apartment at the end of April, but before we left, I shared one final home tour. I still love that apartment!

I checked off one other DC bucket list item before we moved - touring the Cherry Blossoms. Those flowering trees are so beautiful.

After leaving DC, we spent some time as nomads traveling, visiting friends, and ultimately making a home base at the river house. I shared some of my thoughts about our "epic summer" as we liked to call it in a couple of posts: this post a couple of weeks in and this post about our home base at the river.

And of course I can't forget about our trip to Paris! It deserved several posts :). Part 1part 2 and tips, tricks and places not to miss.

My two favorite before and afters from our time at the river were a dated brass light fixture transformation...

...the river house's shutters...

...and a metal card catalog makeover.

After the end of our epic summer, we headed to Philadelphia and I gave you a first look at our new little row house after we moved in. I've made some progress since then, like adding temporary beadboard wallpaper, updating the master bedroom and adding shelving in the office. I'm dreaming of many more projects this year!

Just before Thanksgiving, I spent 12 days creating some handmade ornaments along with 12 other bloggers, which was so so fun and SO so exhausting! This reindeer antler silhouette wood slice ornament was one of my faves.

Finally, to finish off the year, I shared a Christmas home tour. 

2014 sure was a year full of changes! The closing of our DC chapter, a really fun summer at the River house and traveling, and a move to Philadelphia have made for a busy, but really enjoyable season. I've had fun completing projects along the way and flexing my creative muscles, and I'm looking forward to what 2015 will bring!

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