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Can y'all believe the last "official" weekend of summer is here? Labor Day weekend is always a welcome break, but it also makes me sad that summer is pretty much over (although the weather would say differently!). On a positive note though, Labor Day weekend also brings with it the start of FOOTBALL SEASON! I'll be terribly excited and a nervous wreck on Saturday as Auburn takes on Louisville. What do you have planned for the long weekend?

Before y'all head out, I'm back to share some lovely links with y'all that I hope are inspiring and fun eye candy. Enjoy!

1 | The Bold Abode DIY'd an amazing geometric cedar planked wall. I'm totally in love with that geometric look and how awesome the wood looks!

{The Bold Abode}

2 | I'm totally impressed by Sarah Dorsey's ability to assemble her own light fixtures. These brass sconces are on point.

{Sarah M Dorsey Designs}
3 | Centsational Girl's latest kitchen remodel is gorgeous! I love that she bucked the stainless steel appliance trend too by using white ones.

{Centsational Girl}

4 | Headboards are an essential part of making a bedroom look finished and pulled together, but it doesn't have to be expensive. Here's a list of pretty ones for under $300.

{Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body}
5 | On a totally different note, let's talk hair and makeup. Kate's ability to look incredibly pulled together in 15 minutes makes me want to maybe, try a little harder in that area - mostly the hair part. If it only takes 15 minutes, I can totally do that! Practice makes perfect I suppose!

{The Small Things}

6 | Lastly, I wish I had written this post because it describes my relationship with design/decor/DIY so well. I catch myself fighting perfectionism all the time and I need these kinds of posts to keep me in check. #canigetanamen?

{The Decor Fix}

 Happy weekending friends!

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Five Ways to Take IKEA Furniture From Boring to Beautiful

If you're on a tight budget when it comes to furnishing your home, IKEA is likely one of the first resources that comes to mind, right? They've rightly gained a solid reputation for having pieces that are both stylish and affordable, but there's one problem...everyone has the same pieces. If you've ever spent any time at this giant warehouse of a store, you start to be able to spot an IKEA piece from a mile away. While this isn't exactly a life-threatening issue, I do think that seeing the same IKEA furniture over and over can get a little bit tiresome.

Enter: the IKEA hack. This phrase has become a buzzword all over the blog and design world and it's a fantastic way to make your IKEA furniture not look like everyone else's. It's a way bring custom-looking furniture into your home at a fraction of the price. I've done a few of these hacks myself (see my Expedit makeover and semi-custom shelves for examples) and I'm sure there will be more in my future.

Today I wanted to show you five ways you can transform an IKEA piece and make it look custom. These five ideas range from super simple (even someone with no DIY skills can do it) to a little bit challenging (you might need a power tool or two), so there's something for everyone. I'll use the ubiquitous TARVA drawer chest to show you how many ways there are to take a boring piece and make it beautiful.

The TARVA is a great example because it's a solid wood piece (no particle board or hollow core here!), making it really versatile to hack. You'll see why in the examples below!


Changing knobs and pulls is something anyone can do for a modest price and it automatically changes the look of a piece. This is by far the easiest and lowest commitment change you can make. Many of the examples below also involve other changes, but check out those knobs!

{Centsational Girl}
{The World According to Jessica Claire}
{Cherished Bliss}


Painting or staining a piece of furniture certainly takes time and effort, but it's another simple way to customize the TARVA. Combine paint with new knobs and you'll have a beautiful piece in no time.

{Smitten Studio}
{By Stephanie Lynn}
{Chris Loves Julia}


O'verlays is a brilliant company that makes, yep, overlays that are made to fit on select IKEA pieces to give them a custom look. They involve no saws, no tricky cuts and no intricate math problems. Hooray! They have an immediate impact on the piece's style.

{My Pretty Little House}
{Sarah and Ben}

4 | LEGS

Changing the legs on the TARVA probably involves a bit of DIY skill, but I think this, plus paint and knobs, may be the ultimate way to turn a boring piece into a custom one. Because the shape of the TARVA is a very standard box with drawers, the legs can turn the piece into anything from mid-century to farmhouse to industrial. You can even add casters!

{Smitten Studio}

{City Farmhouse}
{Design Sponge}

5 | TOP

Lastly, another DIY opportunity comes in the form of changing the top. It was harder to find examples of this, but in my mind, there are all sorts of ways you could do this! Staining the top and painting the rest a different color is certainly an option, but how about a faux marble top, or even a metal one?

{My Bella Bug}
{Classy and Fabulous}
Do you have other ideas for how to customize these pieces? Let me know in the comments!

Happy IKEA hacking, friends!

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September 2015 iPhone + Desktop Wallpapers

Happy Monday and happy last day of August, y'all! This month has been ca-razy busy with vacation, e-design biz stuff and other life happenings, so I am looking forward to turning the page on the calendar to a new month with a fresh start.

To kick things off for the month of September, I've got a new set of iPhone and desktop wallpapers to share with you. These are free downloads (as always) - you can grab the version you'd like below.

This month, my inspiration came from this beautiful ironwork detail I spotted on a balcony not far from where we live in Philadelphia. They just don't make buildings with this kind of detail anymore, do they?! 

I snapped the photo above with my iPhone so I wouldn't forget what it looked like. I just had this feeling I'd want to design something with it in mind and it looks like that feeling was right! I'm a big believer that inspiration for creativity can truly come from anywhere.

From that ironwork came this month's "bubbly circles" design. I had fun playing around with the color palettes and decided on the two different muted colorways you can see below. There are versions with September calendars (my favorite for quick reference on my phone's lock screen) and blank ones depending on your preference. Click the link below each image to download it from Dropbox.


Moss Green iPhone Wallpaper

Rose Pink iPhone Wallpaper

Moss Green Desktop Wallpaper - Calendar

Moss Green Desktop Wallpaper - Blank

Rose Pink Desktop Wallpaper - Calendar

Rose Pink Desktop Wallpaper - Blank

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Where We've Been...

Edgartown Harbor, Martha's Vineyard

Hello friends!

Apologies for the radio silence for the past week or so...Charlie and I snuck away on vacation for nearly 10 days to Martha's Vineyard! We were (purposefully) off the grid for as much time as possible and it was so nice. I need to unplug more often. We spent about half of our time cooking in the kitchen of our favorite summer camp for about 100 middle schoolers, staff and volunteers, and the other half relaxing, exploring and adventuring. Here are a few iPhone and Instagram shots from our week!

The Dining Hall at the camp where we cooked for 100 people!

Edgartown Harbor 

Edgartown Lighthouse and Harbor

C and I being slightly ridiculous in the kitchen. That's one big bag of potatoes.

Beach time at Great Rock Bight

Great Rock Bight

View from the Memorial Wharf in Edgartown

We had a blast - can you tell? ;)

I hope to be back a little later this week with more regular posts!

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My Current Favorite Interior Design Blogs

The interior design blogging world is full of immensely talented people. I truly admire their hard work and talent, and appreciate that they are willing to share it online with the world. Blogs and Pinterest have profoundly changed the interior design world over the past several years, and I'm thrilled to be a small part of it here at May Richer Fuller Be. I've learned so much about interior design in both writing this blog and helping others with their homes. Pursuing this blog and my new e-design business have inspired me to be more creative, helped me define my home and design styles, and challenged me to pursue my passions.

And you know what? I couldn't do what I do here without being a part of and observing the creative community. Lately, since launching my e-design business, I've been particularly drawn to the talents and portfolios of several interior designers. The spaces they've put together are an incredible inspiration, and today I thought I'd share a few of my current favorites with y'all. You're probably familiar with some of them, but I hope to introduce you to a few new ones as well. It's time to grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile, because you're about to fall into the black hole of some beautiful homes!

*Please give these awesome designers and sites the love they deserve - pin from the original source! Links are below the photos.

Studio McGee

This is one talented lady. I don't think there's a single project she's done that I haven't wanted to be in my home. Her clean, transitional/modern style is just amazing.

{Studio McGee}
{Studio McGee}


Jennifer Stagg has done a lot of great client projects, but my favorite right now is her own home renovation. It's getting a makeover from the ground up and I can't wait to see it when it's all finished. 


Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson has always an out of the box thinker. I've been following her since her Design Star days on HGTV and have really come to appreciate her style. She's willing to push the limits way more than I am- I'm always amazed at her ability to use many different styles and make them cohesive in a space.

{Emily Henderson}
{Emily Henderson}

House of Jade Interiors

House of Jade Interiors was started by one of my favorite bloggers, Kirsten Krason (her old blog was 6th Street Design School), and another interior designer, Erin Morgan. Together, the two of them are a dynamic duo that create gorgeous, bright spaces like the ones you see below.

{House of Jade Interiors}
{House of Jade Interiors}

The Hunted Interior

I've been a big fan of Kristen's work for a long time. She's not scared to DIY and is constantly changing up her home to fit her and her family's needs. Like Emily Henderson, she has a crazy awesome ability to mix and match different styles beautifully. 

{The Hunted Interior}
{The Hunted Interior}


Ok, so this one's not actually a single designer, but the work this group of designers does is gorgeous! Homepolish is an interior design service that employs many designers all across the country and it is one of the inspirations for my e-design biz. 


Amber Interiors

Amber Interiors seems to pop up everywhere I look. I especially love her kitchens and bathrooms for their modern, but still classic style. There's always a unique touch in every space that makes it truly special.

{Amber Interiors}
{Amber Interiors}

Tessa Neustadt

Last, but not least is actually a photographer! Several of the blogs you see above employ Tessa to shoot their finished spaces and man, she's good. Her portfolio is FULL of incredible interior shots. I just felt like I couldn't leave her out of this lineup even though she's not an interior designer herself. 

{Tessa Neustadt}
{Tessa Neustadt}

So those are my current faves. What I want to know from you is who are your favorites? Who do I need to check out and add to my feed reader? I'm always on the lookout for more inspiration!

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