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Hey friends! Happy Memorial Day! Just a quick programming note to say that May Richer Fuller Be is taking a little break between now and mid-July. My husband and I have headed off on a little adventure helping out with a summer program in Massachusetts and the blog will be on sabbatical during that time. I'll probably be popping in on Instagram (follow MRFB here and Mix & Match Design Company here) every now and then, but otherwise things will be pretty quiet!

When I get back, there are a few projects I can't wait to share with you including photos of the finished Philadelphia suburbs master bedroom design I shared recently, a dining room e-design from the giveaway from Mix & Match and eventually, our very own kitchen reno! It's going to be a fun second half of the summer - stay tuned!

Thanks for following along, and as always, if you need help with your home, head on over to Mix & Match to check out my e-design services!

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E-Design Project: Philadelphia Suburbs Master Bedroom Plan

Hello friends! Long time no talk! Things have been ca-razytown over here recently and I've hardly had time to breathe, let alone post on the blog. Between my husband finishing up his semester and graduating with his MBA this weekend (I can't believe how quickly two years have gone!), a bunch of traveling, things ramping up with Mix & Match, and heck, just life, I've had to pick and choose where to spend my time and sadly, blogging didn't made the cut.  I've still been pretty active on Instagram though, so if you want to catch me in between posts, you can follow me over there.

But! Some big news in my life is that as of the end of this week, I'll be full time with Mix & Match! Yep, I'm quitting my day job to pursue my e-design business and I couldn't be more excited. I'll have more on that in a separate post soon, but what that means for y'all is that you'll probably be seeing more interior design-focused posts - hope you're ready!

Big stuff, friends, big stuff.

Now, speaking of e-design, I've got a really fun project going on for a new client, and she was kind enough to give me permission to share the inspiration, plan and, fingers crossed, after photos once everything's installed. Since e-design is all done online and installed by the client, I don't always get to see the final product, so this is a real treat.

My client and her husband happen to also be great friends of mine and they're transitioning from a small one bedroom in the city to a larger two bedroom apartment in the suburbs. Since they're gaining a bedroom, they decided to put their current furniture in the guest bedroom and start with a clean slate in the master bedroom. I was thrilled when they asked me to put together a plan for that space!

The look they're going for is modern farmhouse with a touch of industrial. It definitely has Fixer Upper vibes and it's going to be beautiful!

Here are some of the photos she shared with me as inspiration:

{Sources: clockwise from top left: 1 | 2 | 3 | 45 | 6}

What I pulled from these photos was a primarily blue and white theme (with a little bit of green) mixed with warm wood tones. There's also a lot of great texture going on with both the textiles and furniture. It'll definitely be a cozy and inviting space.

Here's the design board I came up with based on these ideas:

What do y'all think? Is this look up your alley?

Another fun treat with this project is that I get to share many of the sources! You can shop the post for the items below:

Upholstered Bed* | Nightstand* | Lamp* | Dresser* | Curtains | Mirror | Trunk* | Rug | White Sheets* | Navy Duvet | White Quilt* | Striped Euro Shams* | Green Leaf Lumbar Pillows

(*affiliate link used - I earn a small commission for your purchase, but your price doesn't change. Thanks for supporting May Richer Fuller Be and Mix & Match in this way!)

I can't wait to share the progress on this project with you. They'll be up and running in their new place later this summer, so I should have photos to show you then!

I think the next project I'll be sharing is from the e-design giveaway I wrote about a couple of months ago. The winner was a dining room that was just begging for a makeover! That project is coming along too - more soon!

*Psst! Need help with your home? Come on over to Mix & Match Design Company and let's chat!

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Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

{Sugar & Cloth}
That's right, a kitchen renovation! Though it's not going to happen until later this summer, it's never too early to start planning and dreaming, right? I'm also hoping that y'all will chime in with your two cents on kitchen renos. I'm all ears!

Nothing is set in stone yet, but let's start with a few facts about the direction we're headed and then I'll get to the pretty stuff. :)

We're planning:

  • Modern white cabinets (who's surprised there?)
  • Marble-like quartz countertops
  • Brass hardware
  • Dark floors
  • Stainless steel appliances

We'll pretty much be starting from scratch while basically keeping the same layout. The one lone survivor in the demo phase will be the dishwasher (we bought it when we moved in since the house didn't have one). For cabinets, we're 90% sure we'll be using IKEA Sektion system with VEDDINGE fronts, so lots of cabinet building will be happening over here! I can't wait to get started. 

Here are a few kitchens I've found that I love that echo the style/look we're going for:

{Annabode via Design Sponge}
{Sita Montgomery Interiors via Style Me Pretty}
{Francois et Moi}
{Oh Happy Day}
{Nicole Davis Interiors}
{Burke Decor}
{House Updated}
Get the idea? ;)

Of course I'll be sharing all the nitty gritty details from the planning phase all the way through to the reveal, so get ready for lots of kitchen happenings soon!

For reference, here's what our kitchen looks like now:

I can't wait to get rid of the green laminate countertops and that seen-better-days stainless sink!

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Make It: DIY Sputnik-Style Light Fixture

*Psst! Thanks to everyone who entered Mix & Match Design Company's e-design giveaway! I'm hard at work going through the submissions and it's going to be SO hard to choose just one. Y'all have such awesome homes and I can't wait to work with one of you!

If you saw my Instagram from last week, you'll know I've been working on a fun little DIY light fixture for my office. It's been way too long since I've DIY'd something and shared it here, so I figured it was high time to get 'er done to show y'all!


I've been a fan of Sputnik-style light fixtures for awhile now. They're modern, kinda funky and fixtures with exposed bulbs are definitely "in" right now. I needed a ceiling fixture to replace a sad-looking fan in my office, but wasn't ready to commit to spending the big bucks on a new fixture just yet.

Then on Pinterest (of course!) I spotted Little Green Notebook's DIY branch light and I thought a variation on that would be the perfect thing! I made a couple of modifications to make it work for my space and the step-by-step is below in case you want to make one yourself.

Supplies needed: (* Denotes an affiliate link. That means I get a tiny commission when you purchase through my link. There's no cost to you - thanks for supporting this little blog. :))

Putting this light together is a little bit like building with legos - it's super straightforward and you really can't mess up. You get to be as creative as you want!

Start with the 3-in-1 socket adapter and screw a Y socket splitter into each end.

Keep adding additional Y socket splitters to open ends until you get to the look you want. I ended up using 15 and gave it a pretty symmetrical look. What can I say - I like balance!

Once you finish attaching the Y splitters in a pattern you like, add lightbulbs to the remaining open sockets. You'll take these out to paint the fixture (unless you want to leave it white, which is pretty too!), but I liked seeing how it would look in its final form before heading to that step.

Finally, screw on the flexible extender and outlet box mount to finish the assembly before painting. Here it is before I got my spray paint on.

Before taking it out to paint, I installed it temporarily to make sure I was really happy with the scale and amount of light it gave out. My office isn't huge, but I found that with my original design, it wasn't quite bright enough. No big deal - I just added a few more Y splitters and bulbs to increase the amount of light.

Onto the painting!

But, here's one other pre-painting step that's very important!! Make sure to stuff the sockets with some newspaper to protect the light bulb contacts. It would be a shame to finish painting, screw in those bulbs, and then have the fixture not work!

I decided to spray my fixture metallic coppery-gold and since it was a tricky fixture to paint, I used a cardboard box as a makeshift paint shed - it worked perfectly to prevent overspray from getting on the concrete and helped it stand up for painting and drying purposes. I made sure to use multiple light and even coats and rotated the fixture several times to make sure all surfaces were well-covered.

(Side note: for those who are wondering about priming prior to spraying the metallic paint...I skipped that step. Should I have? Probably not, but since this fixture is installed on the ceiling, durability isn't an issue and I decided to be a total rebel and not prime. Many of these pieces are plastic though, so it will chip if you scratch at it. So far so good though!)

Now let's get to the good part - seeing it after installation! (Outlet mount boxes are super easy to install - just follow the directions in the box. If you don't feel comfortable with that, definitely hire an electrician!)

I added a ceiling medallion to really finish it off around the outlet box and I think it looks great. Here's how it looks with my office area in the background:

Love all those fun bulbs!

I'm thrilled with how it turned out. It brings such unexpected personality to the room!

Hooray for successful DIY projects! What have you been DIYing lately?

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Must-Have Decor: Round Brass Mirrors

{via Amber Interiors}
Round brass mirrors are definitely one of the most versatile decor items you can have in your home. Its clean lines and warm metal finish make it a classic that fits just about every style: mid-century modern, boho, traditional, hollywood glam and more. And, bonus, there's a place for one in most any room in your house. You can't say that for many pieces of decor, can you?!

To show you how pretty and versatile these mirrors are, I pulled the best examples I could find from around the web. I hope you enjoy browsing these, and if you make it to the end of the post, I've got a little surprise for you in the form of a very affordable option that I just purchased for our house!  

{via Becki Owens}
Mirrors have the ability to make a room look bigger and brighter, especially when there aren't any windows nearby. The living room above and entryway below are great examples of that.

{via Architectural Digest}
They also work well as a nice, polished touch of decor over beds. How fun are they in this twin bedroom below?

{via Birmingham Home and Garden}
{via West Elm}
Mantles are another piece of prime real estate for these mirrors. The roundness balances out and softens the sharp edges and angles of the mantle nicely.

{via Maggie Stephens Interiors}
{via A House in the Hills}
So what do you think? Are you sold on adding one of these to your home? Or do you already have one? Where?

Alright friends - hooray! You made it to the end of the post, and here's your promised surprise: Target recently came out with 28" round brass mirror for - wait for it - $49.99. If you're not on the hunt for mirrors regularly, just know that's a crazy good deal (especially for a good sized mirror). For comparison, the next cheapest option I've found is $249. Run, don't walk, to Target for this one! #targetdoesitagain

Check it out below:

{via Target*}

*Affiliate link: That means I get a small commission for your purchase, but it doesn't change your price. Thanks for supporting MRFB!

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