October iPhone Lock Screen Calendar {Feathers}

Y'all, it's OCTOBER tomorrow! I think it's safe to say that it's officially starting to feel like fall in most places by now and I must admit, I'm enjoying the fact that the temperatures are cooling off a little. We've been having a mini heat wave in Philly over the past few days and I'm pretty sure I'm over the constant sweating now. If it could just stay in the mid-70s with low humidity for awhile, that'd be just dandy. How do you feel about the weather where you are?

Since a new month is starting tomorrow, it's time for another iPhone lock screen wallpaper freebie! Last month's wallpaper seemed to be big hit with y'all, so I hope you enjoy this one too. I think it's a little tough to tell in the photo above, but the background of this month's fun design is feathers! Feathers are really fun to decorate with - especially in the fall - so I took that idea and ran with it. I sketched feathers in Illustrator and created a random pattern out of them. They have a simple, modern look to them, which I love! I placed the October calendar on top of the pattern and boom. done.

I created three color combos for this month's design: gray+navy, green+blue and orange+red. If you're looking for a different set of colors, let me know and I can customize one for you. I'm really grateful for my readers, so this is my way of saying thanks for following along here at May Richer Fuller Be!

The new and exciting part of the calendar designs for this month is that they come sized for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus! So if you're lucky enough to have one of those in your possession, you're good to go with this download. Just click the appropriate link below for your model.

I had a couple of questions last month on how to set this as your lock screen, so here are some step-by-step instructions:

  • Click the link below to the download you'd like to use (from your phone). This will take you to the image in Dropbox, where I've set them up for you to download.
  • In the bottom left corner there is an icon that looks like a box with an upward-facing arrow coming out of it. Click that and choose "save image." It will download to your photos.
  • Go to your home screen and open your photos. 
  • Select the calendar image. 
  • Again click the button in the bottom left corner that looks like a box with an upward-facing arrow. Select the option that says "use as wallpaper."
  • Click set, then choose "lock screen."
You're done! If you have any questions, let me know!


{the number represents your iPhone model}

Gray + Navy:
5  |  6  |  6 Plus

Green + Blue:
5  |  6  |  6 Plus

Orange + Red:
5  |  6  |  6 Plus

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Lovely Links

Happy Friday! This week's lovely links have a decidedly do-it-yourself bent. After making progress on covering the wall o' tile this week I'm feeling inspired to get going on a few other projects around here as well. How about you? Feeling crafty? If so, here are a few of my favorite finds to get you going!

*As usual, if you like something you see here, please pin from the original source. The link is always right below the photo. Give these sites some love! :)

1 | Brit + Co rounded up a fabulous set of DIY ideas for the bedroom this week (I was humbled to find my little DIY iPhone speaker tucked in there!), including this creative idea for creating two nightstands out of one longer table from HGTV. Brilliant.


2 | This beautiful wreath was FREE for Hawthorne and Main to make since she had all the materials on hand. It would probably be free for you too - head over to see what it's made out of!

3 | Love the graphic punch these knockoff lamps add to this space. Catch the how-to over at Honey & Fitz.

4 | Fall decor you can use again and again each year? Yep. All about it. Those little gold pumpkins are one of those things and they're a DIY!

5 | This fall sign is kitschy, but not cheesy, don't you think? Also, have you ever thought to cross stitch on wood? I sure haven't!

6 | I think this geometric stitched animal art is just adorable. Wouldn't it make a great card?

Hope you're feeling inspired to take on a crafty DIY or two. Happy weekend, y'all!

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Renter's Dilemma Update: Tile Wall Progress

Alternate title: "Operation Cover the Brown Tile Wall." 

Thanks again for all your comments and suggestions on how to lighten up the big ole wall o' tile we've got at the back of our living room. In case you missed the first post on this dilemma from last week, head over here for some background info. I made a decision on what to do with it and had a chance to make some progress over the past couple of days. So let's take a look, shall we?

As a reminder, here's what that wall o' tile looked like originally:

And here's where we are today:

Beadboard won out, my friends, and I am so happy with how it's looking!

It's not quite finished, but I wanted to give y'all an update and little knowhow on how I added this beadboard right over the existing tile without damaging it. I don't have a full step by step tutorial today because I'm still waiting on a couple of supplies to finish it properly, but here are a few pieces of info...

To keep things simple and DIY-able without breaking out some major power tools, I grabbed a $20 roll of allen + roth beadboard wallpaper from Lowe's rather than sheets of wood beadboard. I had never worked with this stuff before, but it worked great for this application! It's easy to cut with a box cutter or scissors, and I was able to install it all by myself while my husband was studying. Although I will say, it would be a little easier with two people working on it.

I started by cutting one strip to go over the mantle and then worked my way out from there. I made sure it was level vertically since our walls are definitely not straight after standing for nearly 150+ years!

The photo above is deceiving since I actually placed my first piece on the far left side of the mantle... (it's the one that looks taut in the photo below) and worked my way out from there to the left and right sides. I cut the pieces long so I would have room to adjust them, and then I trimmed the excess with my box cutter. That allowed the wallpaper to fit nice and snugly.

Eventually I got them all up there and wow, what a difference it made for the look of that side of our living room!

So much brighter. I don't even mind the tile surrounding the fireplace anymore. I was considering continuing the beadboard down there too, but I'm leaning against that now I think (opinions?).

Now, you might be asking how I attached the beadboard to the tile in a damage-free way. The answer? Right now, it's hanging up there with painter's tape! Yep, regular blue Scotch painter's tape. It's temporary though because I've got something else coming to replace it that I think is going to work even better. It'll hopefully smooth out any little wrinkles and keep it looking crisp. It's a product that's being delivered to my house as we speak, so once I know it works, I'll fill you in on all the details.

I'm really pleased with how it's turning out, and I can't wait to finish it up and then style up that mantle for fall! I've also got a couple of ideas on how to deal with the yucky vertical blinds situation, so stay tuned for an update on that soon.

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Trend Alert: Copper

image credits from left to right starting at the top: 

Happy Monday y'all! How were your weekends? I just got back from a whirlwind work trip to New Orleans, so I've got a short post for you today that I've been wanting to share for awhile now.

I've seen a fun trend popping up all over home decor and DIY land lately - copper! - and I'm really diggin' it. I think I'm still a gold girl at heart, but copper is a fun accent to throw in as well to change things up. It mixes nicely with other metals and really brings a feeling of warmth to a room - similar to the way that gold and brass do. As many of us start to cozy up our homes for fall with the arrival of cooler temperatures, this is a perfect accent color to bring in. In my (humble) opinion, it looks best in small doses like in the photos above. A little goes a long way!

Copper can be quite an expensive metal to buy (ever taken a look at the price of copper cookware or pipes?), but you don't have to actually buy real copper to get the look in your home. Try spray painting or adding copper leaf to an accessory. Some of those things may be in my crafting future!

What do you think of the copper trend? Is it something you have or want to bring into your home?

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Renter's Design Dilemma #2: Vertical Blinds

First off, a big, fat THANK YOU to those of you who threw in your two cents about design dilemma #1 on Monday. This is why I love the blogging community - y'all always have such great ideas! At this point I'm leaning toward using beadboard on that wall, but we shall see.

 To bring you up to speed if you missed Monday's post, here's what that back wall looks like:

This brings me to design dilemma #2. On the brown tile wall next to the fireplace we have an awesome, big sliding glass door that leads to the back patio. It lets in tons of light and it's really nice having easy access to our outdoor space off the living room. There's one tiny problem with that sliding glass door though: there are these (kinda nasty) old vertical blinds across the whole that I would love to hide, mask, disguise, take down...

Very 1970s-ish, eh?

They're made of some sort of beige synthetic "cloth" material and they are dust. magnets. Not awesome. Also, get a good look at that header - it's pretty yucky (how does that happen, by the way? No one ever touches it or anything!).

From what I can tell, they're pretty well installed and wouldn't be easy to take down, so sadly, I'm not sure that's going to be the solution. My best bet might just be to disguise them. On Monday, a couple of you got a head start on how to deal with these and mentioned putting up floor-to-ceiling curtains to bring in some color and softness to that part of the room, which sounds awesome. I'm a big fan of the idea. I'd have to put a curtain rod on the ceiling or something to install them since I can't drill into the tile. That might work though.

I also might make some kind of cornice/pelmet box to hide that stained header.

I love this curtain/pelmet box combo.

Or maybe something with more pattern?

Or I might keep it simple and throw a piece of molding up there right on top of the existing header. :)

(P.S. can I just say there are a lot of ugly sliding glass door window treatments out there. Google it. Enjoy!)

Here's one more good lookin' pelmet/curtain combo:

Can you tell I'm liking the simple white curtain with trim idea?

What do you think? What would you do to hide/disguise those vertical blinds? Thanks for letting me brainstorm here with y'all today. I know you've got some good ideas for me!

I'm headed out of town for work for the rest of the week, so I'm skipping this Friday's Lovely Links post. I'll be back on my normal schedule next week!

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