On Moving and Being Nomads

On Monday I mentioned I'd be back with a few thoughts on moving and being nomads for the summer, so here I am! Nothing like putting something on the Internet to keep you accountable, right?!

Last week we packed the vast majority of our belongings into two of the U-Haul pods (U-Boxes) you see in the photo above, and they're headed off to storage for the next three months. The rest went into our cars since it's things we'll need (ahem...mostly things we'll need) for the summer. By Thursday night, our little apartment was nearly empty, which looked so strange! It went from being a place that felt like "ours" to a generic set of empty rooms without a trace of personalization left. Such a weird feeling. I was too sad/tired to take an photos of the empty spaces, but I'm thinking you can use your imagination to picture them :).

The move went smoothly overall, though it took much longer than I thought to get it all done. This brings me to lesson #1 about moving: always give yourself plenty of time to pack, load and move, and keep your expectations low. I know that last part's a little cynical, but I think it's realistic. We thought it would only take us until the early afternoon to be all loaded up, but gave ourselves the whole day just in case we needed it.

Turned out we needed it. We didn't leave our apartment until about 10:30pm. Whew!

This brings me to lesson #2 about moving: enlist help - it's no fun to do it alone! Charlie's dad came to help us load and my mom came to help us clean and man, I don't think we could've done it without them. They're both workhorses and I can't thank them enough for their help.

Now we're nomads, which I think is going to be a really fun change. Charlie is taking the summer off before he starts graduate school in Philadelphia in early August, so we thought we'd take advantage of our lease ending in early May and be wanderers for a few months. We're staying with my parents for about a week, then we head down to our new "home base" for the summer at my parents' river house. We'll be doing some traveling too here and there too. Since I work from home now, and Charlie won't be working (as of this Friday!), we suddenly have some more flexibility to do these things - hooray!

So that's where we are. I'm hoping I'll have a few fun projects to share with y'all over the summer, and I'll share some of our adventures as well. Hope you'll follow along with me!

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