Master Bedroom Update

In the epic battle between the master bedroom and office, it looks like the master bedroom won for being the most photo-ready this week. That means I have a house update I can share with you! Things are lookin' much better in there since the last time I showed it to you, so let's take a peek, shall we? I've made a few changes and there will be more to come, but here's where we are:

The main changes are that I hung three framed vintage egg prints and got our Ikea Ranarp clamp lamps up and running as bedside sconces (remember when I showed them to you here?). These small things have made such a difference. 

The egg prints have traveled around with our moves and found a home in different rooms each time. They're a perfect fit here in-between the windows.

The Ranarp lamps might actually be the greatest bedside lamps ever. OH how I love them! 

Some of you were asking about the clamp mechanism and how I actually planned to clamp them to the wall, and I'll show you. It's really easy actually! The lamps come with an additional piece that you screw into the wall:

I taped mine up with painter's tape before I screwed it into the wall to make sure that both lamps were evenly spaced away from the headboard and were at the same height. The clamp on the lamp (so much rhyming!) goes right onto a piece that sticks out from the wall. You can see it a little better from the side.

They're awesome! Perfect for bedside reading. Also? The LED bulbs that Ikea sells for these don't put off any heat, so no face/head burning when you're using them. Bonus points. Maybe I'm behind the times, but I had no idea that LEDs weren't hot to the touch. No idea.

So what's next for the master bedroom?

Oh, you know, painting this green (eyesore) table on the other side. 

Which of these things is not like the other?! 

And obviously I need something for above the bed. That little scallop garland is something I whipped up the other day using crepe paper. I couldn't stand the blank space anymore! I'm thinking about something large and round for that area, but probably not a mirror since the walls on that side of the house are plaster and hanging things from them is a bear.

The curtains are also in line for a makeover. Their flax color has actually grown on me for this room. I kinda strongly disliked them when they first went up...but I think the curtains need to be really, really simple for this small space and these fit the bill - especially if I decide to paint the room to a shade that doesn't match them :).

What I would like to change though is the tab tops. They're fine, but I'd rather them be pole top or pinch pleat. I think it'll be a quick change thanks to this tutorial from Kelly at View Along The Way. Yay for bloggers who have been "there" before!

I think that's all I can think of for now. Decorating is certainly a process, but it's moving along!

Curious about other items you see in this room? Here are a couple of links to past posts!

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