St. Barth's Vacation {Part 2}

It's onto part 2 of our St. Barth vacation today! If you missed part 1, head on over to this post from yesterday.

I was excited about this trip for a lot of reasons. I couldn't wait to escape the cold winter weather, explore a new place, eat yummy food, and relax. But besides those obvious things, another thing I was excited about was seeing our villa in person. My dad, the trip planner extraordinaire for this vacation, found our hilltop villa in Vitet and the photos looked amazing. While I didn't take photos of every room in the house (we were too busy enjoying them!), I did grab a couple of shots of the pool deck, one of the three bedrooms and the living room. We lived outside at this place. It was glorious.

Here's the pool deck where we spent a huge majority of our time hanging out on the chaise lounges and sofas:

How cool is it that they built the deck around this palm tree? Who needs umbrellas when you've got natural shade? :)

Two of the details I fell in love with were these paneled white ceilings and the natural wood shutters that they had everywhere. Clean and simple, just how I like it.

And I can't help but show the view we had from the pool deck one more time...ahhh...soak it in...

The living room was beautifully done with white slipcovers, dark wood open shelving and more of that amazing white paneling on the ceiling!

All of the rooms had vaulted ceilings, which is not only practical for such a warm climate, but it also makes the rooms feel open, airy and inviting.

Here's what our bedroom looked like. While the bed itself isn't totally my taste, I do love the white linens and that distressed mirror frame!

So that's (most of) our villa! It was perfect for our family, and I'm thankful we got to spend ten days there. It was truly a blessing.

Onto photos of other fun finds! We stopped in at a gorgeous hotel one day, and it was one of the most beautifully designed and decorated ones I've ever seen. I wish we had been there longer so I could've seen more. I quickly snapped a few photos before we left:

This linen headboard couch was sitting on the front porch. I'm pretty sure you could only do that in a place that has gorgeous weather year round, huh?

Pool with a view? Yes please.

The outdoor part of the restaurant was covered in these white umbrellas and lined with comfy couches. Also, can we just marvel at the bases for the tables for a moment? Hello massive driftwood.

Pure paradise I tell you.

The last set of photos I want to share from our trip are a smattering of pretty exteriors and outdoor shots from all over the island. It was so hard to narrow these down to just a few! I adored all the colorful shutters, red corrugated metal roofs, wood shingles and pretty details. Well done, St. Barth well done. 

The capital, Gustavia, had beautiful buildings and homes like this one:

Gustavia harbor with all the red roofed buildings:

Loved these house numbers and the shingles!

One of the shopping areas near Gustavia harbor:

Hotel Guanahani and Spa is one of the most famous places to stay on the island. We stopped by for a drink one night before dinner, and I grabbed a few photos of the pretty little villas on the property. How cute is the wood trim detail?

Beachside dining under thatched roof huts at the Guanahani:

Another hotel, Hotel Christopher, had a gorgeous (gosh, I think I've used that word a million times in these posts!) pool area overlooking a rocky beach. If you're looking for a secluded, romantic place to stay, I think this might be it. :)

And lastly, two hillside homes that I loved...

I don't think I've ever been to a place where nearly everything was so tastefully done. The homes were all gorgeous and unique, but blended together in a really cohesive way. I'd definitely go back in a heartbeat. (And pick up some design advice along the way!)

Who wants to go? :)

That wraps up my St. Barth vacation! Thanks for sticking with me so I could document our trip!

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  2. Ah, still thinking about our amazing trip!! Thanks for documenting, sis!

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