Reindeer Antler Wood Slice Ornament

It's Day 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas and I think today's ornament might actually be my favorite of the series. That's hard for me to write because I'm really happy with all my ornaments, but this one's just so darn cute. I mean, how can you resist a combo of reindeer antlers and bells on top of a wood slice?  

That's one magical combo if you ask me.

The supplies you'll need for this one include:

  • Wood slice*
  • A printout of reindeer antlers
  • White paint pen
  • Bells (mine are from Michael's*)
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Twine
  • Hot glue

I nabbed some clip art of some reindeer antlers online (can't remember the source, sorry!) and printed them out in a size that would fit on my wood slice. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to get this right.

Cut the antlers out and place them on the wood slice.  (I painted my wood slice gold for this project, but you could leave it the natural wood color too, if you prefer.) 

Since I wanted my antlers to look a little bit more abstract, I didn't trace around the outline with a pencil like Dusty did here for her monogrammed wood slice ornament. Instead, I used a hammer and nail to mark the points and corners of the antlers. A little tap of the hammer is all you need to make an impression in the wood.

Then I used my white paint pen to connect those dots and fill in the antlers. It took a couple of coats of white paint to make it opaque. The photo below is after one coat.

To add the bells, I strung three gold bells on a piece of baker's twine, tied the string into a bow and hot glued the knot in-between the antler bases. I also hot glued a loop of baker's twine to the back of the ornament for hanging. (Can you tell I'm kind of obsessed with the baker's twine? I think it's going to make an appearance in practically all my ornament posts!)

Pretty cute, huh? Now go forth and be inspired by the other 12 Days of Christmas bloggers! Links are below :).

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Disclosure: Some of the products used in this post were purchased with a gift card which I received from Michaels. Thank you, Michaels, for supporting my craftiness! This post also contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission from your purchase at no cost to you.

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  1. Your ornament is so cute, simple, not busy. Love that idea and seems pretty quick to make. Like idea of doing the nail holes to get form of antlers. Pretty smart and very cute idea.
    Happy crafting and enjoy the season

  2. That truly is one killer combo of amazing!!! Just love it -- and those little jingle bells are the icing on the ... well ... wood slice!!!

    :) Linda

  3. So cute and I don't think I would have thought to play connect the dots. =)

  4. Antlers and wood go so well, the bells were the extra touch that I loooove!

  5. Totally adorable. The bells and the bow make it too cute.

  6. So cute! Thanks for sharing at our Get Your DIY On party! Hope to see you January 4th...it's all about organization! Merry Christmas! XO

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