"Using What You've Got" Project Round-Up {31 Days: Day 24}

We're pullin' from the archives today baby!

I thought it might be fun to take a look back at bunch of the projects I've done here on the blog over the past year or so and round up the ones where I used what I had (fits with the series theme, huh?) to do them. I found quite a few! Some of these are from waaaay back when I started the blog, so they may be new to you if you're new to MRFB. I hope these will inspire you to use and love what you have - and to get creative with what you've got.

Oh, and I should mention that some of these are seasonal projects, so I'm not actually jumping ahead to Christmas decor or anything here on the blog, I just wanted to include them since they fit with the theme.

Here we go!

DIY Dog Bed:

DIY iPhone Speaker:

Bathroom Organization Makeover:

Laminate with Packing Tape:

Pleated Paper Wreath:

Handmade Paper Bows:

Christmas Tree Makeover:

Framing Fabric for the Gallery Wall:

Twig and Paper Flag Centerpiece:

There you have it! Lots of fun projects that didn't cost me any money - well, new money I should say since I already had the materials on hand. What projects have you done working with what you have? I'd love to see them! Leave me some links in the comments :).

Read the series from the beginning...

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