Styling Shelves by Shopping the House {31 Days: Day 23}

My entryway shelves were begging for some style and personality, so I did one of my favorite things - shopping the house - and pulled together a cozy and inviting look for fall. I want people to feel welcome and know that we truly live in our house. I think that in a small way, putting some effort into styling the shelves really helps with that. Do you know what I mean?

Before, I got my hands on them, these shelves were kind of a dumping ground for framed photos, which was kind of sad use of the space. I have a bunch of mismatched frames full of photos I love, but it was all looking rather haphazard. Take a look:

To pretty up these shelves, I grabbed all the (mostly) white books from the built-in bookcase in the living room, my favorite silver owl a large framed wedding photo, a W-shaped book (a gift from Chartreuse & Co during the Hometalk Halloween Hunt) and a few other items.

Now I'm no styling expert, but I'm loving how it all came together. I played around with a few different arrangements and ultimately settled on what you see here. The items on the shelves are all pretty different style-wise, but I think they came together nicely for cohesive look. There's lots of white with a touch of metallic and a small dose of color. It's quite a transformation from the frame graveyard above :).

Just goes to show that you probably have all kinds of items in your house that you could use to style tabletops, shelves or tables. You don't necessarily need to go our and buy lots of seasonal decor either. Maybe a little white pumpkin is all you need for it to say "fall"! All of us probably have accessories, books and other objects tucked away that are perfect for this kind of use. Don't be afraid to mix and match styles - a collected vibe is often the best anyway!

Do you have any great tips for styling shelves?

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