September Project Round-Up

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Another month coming to a close? My how the time flies...I'm wrapping up September a little bit early this month because tomorrow is the start of my very first 31 Days series! That's right, I'm joining The Nester and about oh, a couple thousand other bloggers on a quest to write on the same topic for 31 Days straight. Come back tonight for my introduction post and to see what my topic is going to be. I think you'll like it! Any of y'all participating in this this year?

Now before we can get to that, it's time to take a look back at the past 30ish days at some of my favorite projects. Monthly round-up time!

First, my purse got a major organization overhaul this month thanks to this nifty little bag in a bag. I'm over a month into using it and I'm happy to report that it's still like, the most awesome thing ever.

I had fun messing around with a free website that makes watercolor maps of any place in the world, and framed up an image of Venice for the living room gallery wall.

If you love brownies as much as I do, you might want to try making this easy brownie cake sometime. Just sayin'.

I finally organized the last bottom cabinet in our kitchen - the under-sink corner cabinet. It felt so good to be able to access everything again once I cleaned it out!

Three of my posts focused on chalkboard-related items this month. The first was this typographic chalkboard art I made for my friends at CHAT (head to the post to read more about them).

Second was a round up of favorite chalkboard-appropriate fonts:

And third was a freebie for you - three iPhone lock screen wallpapers! The day after I posted these, Apple released iOS7, and I'm glad to report that these still look fab on the updated system.

I finished up the "Defining My Style" series with some snazzy dining rooms...

And to finish off September's round-up, I showed y'all my fall "makeshift" mantle, which I think is my favorite one I've ever done. :)

Adios September. You've been great. Can't wait to get started on my #31Days series though! See you tonight!

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