Defining My Style {Dining Rooms}

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Today marks the last post in my little "Defining My Style" series. I'm a little sad because I've loved pulling together inspiration photos for this series and taking a hard look at my interior design style, but it's time to move on, friends! I've covered most of the "major" areas of the house with this series including exteriors, entryways, living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Of course if you need more inspiration, you can always follow me on Pinterest where I'm constantly adding new photos :).

To wrap up this series we'll be taking a look at some pretty dining spaces. I love the idea of having a "real" dining room, since that's something I haven't had since I lived at my parents' house. I'm less of a formal dining room (in the traditional sense) kind of gal, but I definitely want to have a designated space for a big ole table where we can have lots of people over for dinner and be able to host larger gatherings. What we have now is actually an upgrade from our last apartment in Richmond where we didn't even a real place for a table! At least the floor plan in our current itty bitty apartment has space for that :). Y'all have seen it before, but to jog your memory, this is our current dining area:

It's where we installed our wood shim pendant light, which I love because it makes that area feel more intentionally like a dining space even though it's really just a table against a wall :).

SO, what kind of dining space would I have if I actually had a room? If I had to define my style (since that is what this series is all about after all), I'd say it would be farmhouse with industrial and modern touches. I'd keep it mostly neutral with pops of color here and there using accessories, dishes and place settings. Various textures and and a mixture of wood finishes would definitely be a part of it as well.

Enough words though, let's look at some pretty pictures!

Ok, I'll cut myself off. There are just so many beautiful (and different!) dining rooms with the look I'm loving. Did you have a favorite out of all of these? I just can't pick one. They're all lovely. What's your dining room style?

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