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Happy Friday, y'all! Once again, it's time for some lovely links to kick off your weekend. What are you up to for the next couple of days? I'm helping my parents host a yard sale Saturday morning and also hoping to get a head start on some projects for the 31 Days series I'm starting October 1st (yes, the famed one hosted by Myquillin of Nesting Place fame - so excited to join for the first time this week). More details on that coming Monday evening!

Now onto the links!

1 | This gift wrap from Dollar Tree is SO pretty. Can you believe it's from a dollar store? Thanks for the tip, Boxwood Clippings.

2 | I really want to make one of these votive holders now that I own a drill.

3 | Whoa, Jen's paint organization looks amazing! If you need some inspiration to get your storage or utility room organized, look no further.

4 | This simple wood and burlap wreath is just so simple and lovely. (Reminds me of the one I made back in January!)

5 | This incredible awesome and detailed tutorial for roman shades is one I'm filing away for the future...

6 | What a cute idea to use name tags as labels for cheese at a party. (Oh how I love cheese...)

7 | Loved Elina Dahl's home tour on My Scandinavian Home. Makes me want to decorate even more with white!

8 | And lastly, I'll leave you with your mouth watering over these cinnamon oat baked apples. YUM!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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