13 Awesome & Free Chalkboard Fonts

Goooood morning! I hope y'all enjoyed yesterday's post on the chalkboard art I made for CHAT. It really is an awesome organization. If you have no idea what I'm talking about or missed yesterday's post, I encourage you to take a minute to read it and see what this ministry is all about. Also, tomorrow morning marks the start of a fundraising campaign called The Amazing Raise, which is a 36-hour online giving contest where non-profit organizations in the city of Richmond, Virginia compete for the greatest number of unique $50 donations. The top three winners will receive "bonuses" on top of the money they raised from individual donors. If yesterday's post struck a chord in you, would you consider donating to this fantastic cause? The contest starts tomorrow (Wednesday, September 18th) at 6am and goes through Thursday (September 19th) at 6pm. Head to The Amazing Raise site to donate.

Onward! Yesterday I mentioned that I downloaded a bunch of "chalkboard-worthy" fonts to play around with when putting together the art for CHAT. I found so many good ones that I thought I'd share 13 of my favorites with y'all. You can pin this little graphic below to keep as a reference for later if you'd like :).

These are all free typefaces, but I always check to see if they're free for personal or commercial use. If it's free for personal use, you can't put it on anything you're going to sell, but if it's free for commercial use, go to town! Use it on whatever you want! Here are the links to the fonts above:

Archistico | ChunkFive Roman | FFF Tusj | GrutchShaded | Hominis | Kraft Nine (free for personal use) | Lane Posh | Lobster Two | NeoRetroDraw | NotMaryKate | Return To Sender (free for personal use) | Road Movie (free for personal use) | Scribble Box Demo (free for personal use)

A couple of general tips on downloading typefaces:

  • If you're planning on using a lot of fonts for commercial use (say you have a stationery business, Etsy shop, etc.), a great site to download them from is Font Squirrel. ALL of these are free for commercial use. HOOray.
  • For instructions on how to install fonts onto your computer, scroll to the bottom of this post for a tutorial.
Have fun with these! I know I have :). In fact, I'm putting together a few little chalkboard-esque freebies for you tomorrow using a few of them along with some others. Do you have an iPhone? If so, come on back to grab a free download for it!


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