Typographic Chalkboard Art for CHAT

Recently, Caitlin, a friend of mine, asked me if I would consider creating some typographic art for CHAT, the non-profit organization she works for. I jumped at the opportunity - not only because I love graphic design projects, but also because I (and my husband) wholeheartedly love and support this organization. CHAT is doing some pretty awesome stuff in the inner-city of Richmond, Virginia and I'm glad I could be a part of it in a small way by creating some art for one of its walls :).

So what's CHAT, you might ask? Well first off, CHAT's an acronym that stands for Church Hill Activities and Tutoring. It's a Christian community development organization that seeks to impact the lives of youth in the inner-city neighborhood called Church Hill. They seek to be great neighbors to the surrounding community and invite members of that community to do the same. Practically, this includes running a school (Churchill Academy) for at-risk students and a tutoring program for kids in homes all over the neighborhood, as well as other community events. Providing excellent education is one of their biggest priorities.

It goes beyond simply educating kids though. I think Percy Strickland, founder and CEO, described the ultimate goal of CHAT best when he said, "Our hope is that by making the residents of our inner-city community a part of our family that God will be able to transform hearts and in doing so change the harsh reality of the urban environment."

Transforming hearts to transform communities. Pretty neat, huh?

So I think you can see why I was so excited to have the opportunity to create something awesome for them. Caitlin asked me to create three large pieces using some key phrases from their vision statement: "opening homes," "transforming lives," and "rebuilding communities."

After some brainstorming and looking at some inspiration photos, my friend and I decided that chalkboard-style art would be perfect. Since so much of what CHAT does revolves around education, going for this look would be pretty fitting, right? And it doesn't hurt that the chalkboard look is quite popular right now. These three large pieces will go up on a huge wall in one of the houses where hundreds of kids come through each year for tutoring and mentoring. These three phrases will literally be in their faces each day, reminding them (and the staff and volunteers) that this is why CHAT exists. I love that.

Here are the pieces:

It was fun putting my creative touch on those phrases to bring them to life. To make them, I created a chalkboard background in Illustrator first and then added the phrases in fun fonts and shapes. Each one is unique, but since the typefaces are white and the backgrounds are the same, they compliment one another nicely. They'll go in large poster size frames from IKEA and then up on the wall in the house.

In case you're font-crazy like me, and are curious about the typefaces I used, they are (from top to bottom): Ostrich Sans, Return to Sender, Poplar Std Black, Kraft Nine, Scribble Box Demo and Champagne and Limousines. They're all free fonts, but make sure you check on the licensing agreements for each before you use them for anything but personal use.

Since I downloaded a bunch of new fonts for this project (yippee!) and played around with several before deciding on the ones above, I decided I'd do a round up of my favorite chalkboard-appropriate fonts for you here on the blog. That'll be coming tomorrow, so make sure you come back then :).

I'm so pleased with the way this project turned out. I hope to show you a "finished" photo once they're up in their new home!

P.S. If hearing about this organization struck a chord in you or if you have a heart for transforming communities and the lives of at-risk youth in the inner city, learn more about CHAT here. They're a non-profit solely depending on the generosity of others. God has been faithful to them in so many ways, and I know they'd appreciate your support through prayer or donations! If you'd like to find out how you can help, head over here

P.P.S. If you're in the market for graphic design services and you like what see here, I'd love to talk to you about your project and needs. Shoot me an email at mayricherfullerbe{at}gmail.com and we can chat! 


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  1. I love your work! CHAT sounds like a great program & I hope God does a lot through the program to help rebuild people and the community. What a great way to serve them by sharing the vision and getting the word out on your blog!
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