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First of all, announcement time! In just two short weeks, May Richer Fuller Be will be turning 1! I can't believe I've been at this thing for a year now. It's been so fun, and I love, love, love writing this little blog. One of my favorite parts is hearing from and responding to readers (y'all!) and connecting with other bloggers. Since I do most of the talking around here, I feel like it's high time to hear a little something from Y-O-U. I've put together a short 10 question survey and I would be so grateful if you would take a couple of minutes to fill out. I want to know a little bit about you, why you read (even if this is your first time here), what you love, and what I can do better. Pretty please? I'll share some of the results on the blog soon. Thank you, thank you for reading. Y'all are a big reason why I've kept at it for these last 365 days! You're the best.

Now, since I've just professed my love for you, my dear readers, what better way to celebrate that declaration than giving you a gift? Since I've been playing around with chalkboards and fonts this week (on this post and this one), I decided to create some fun chalkboard freebies for you...well actually, for your phone :). They're wallpapers for your iPhones. I've designed them specifically for your lock screens so that when you turn on your phone, you'll greeted by a little happy :).

How about a "hello" from your phone?

Or a little reminder that a new season has arrived (with a southern flair)?

And lastly, I think it could be pretty handy to have an at-a-glance monthly calendar on your lock screen. In fact, this is the one I decided to put on my phone's screen.

These are pretty fun, huh? If you're looking for something new to greet you when you turn on that little screen a million times a day, one of these might just be the ticket.

So how do you get one? Well, first you have to download the image for the wallpaper you want to use to your phone. I've designed two versions of each wallpaper - one for the iPhone 4 and one for the 5 since the screen sizes are different. Click the appropriate link below for the wallpaper of your choice and phone version that you have:

// Hello // 

// It's fall y'all // 

// September calendar //

You'll want to open your link on your phone so you can download the image directly to it. Once you download it, you'll want to open the image on your camera roll, set it as wallpaper and chose the set lock screen option. I'd imagine most of you know how to do that, but just in case I thought I'd do a quick screenshot tutorial using my phone as an example...

1. Click the link above to the wallpaper you want to download and it will open in an application called Dropbox. Click that little blue button in the top, right corner with the arrow...

2. Clicking the blue button opens a menu. Choose "direct download." The wallpaper will open in a larger format on the screen.

3. Hold your finger down anywhere on the photo and this menu will pop up. Click save image. The image will now be in your camera roll.

4. Open the photo in your camera roll and click the small arrow button in the bottom left corner.

5. This menu will open. Click "use as wallpaper" and follow the prompts to "set lock screen."

You're done! Next time you unlock your phone, you'll see this loveliness on the screen:

Now that wasn't so bad was it?

I hope y'all will enjoy these little freebies. I'm thinking I might make a new calendar each month (since we're more than halfway through September already!), since that's the one I've settled on using. What do you think? Is that something any of y'all would enjoy having?

Thanks, as always, for reading. Don't forget to fill out the reader survey! (THANK YOU!)

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  1. My husband just got the new iPhone 5s today, so I'm getting his old phone. I can't wait to "decorate" it up cute. These will be perfect! Thanks so much for sharing! Congrats on your year anniversary! I'll be at a year in November. It's been tons of fun! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hi I just discovered your blog and I've really enjoyed looking around! These wallpapers are super cute, I just downloaded the Hello one. It makes me happy every time I unlock my phone :-) Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and that you've gained another reader!

  3. I hope these will work on my phone. I just cannot give up my giant screen for the tiny one of an iphone. I almost just converted. Then bonded again with my LG intuition. haha.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Fun to personalize my phone!

  5. Just downloaded the "hello". Thanks, Chaney! :)

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