Trash Can Turned Side Table {31 Days: Day 11}

One of my favorite things about being in DC is the ability to escape the city and get out to "the country" quickly. While I love living where all the action is, sometimes it's nice to get away and enjoy wide open spaces, rolling hills and pretty two lane roads with a red barn or two along the way. Breathe a little, you know?

{Nice view of a horse bottom, huh? :)}

That's exactly what I did last weekend, and I had a good excuse for it: the Hometalk Halloween Hunt hosted by Sweet Clover. This event was basically a barn sale "hop," where local bloggers were invited to meet up and shop at several barn sales near Frederick, Maryland and Leesburg, Virginia. These places are awesome, y'all. Each location was packed with vintage-y goods, painted furniture, handmade items, home decor, etc. etc. The only requirement to participate was to buy one thing and blog about it. So that's what I did.

{Side note for my 31 Days series readers: you might be a little surprised that I'm talking about buying something in the middle of a series on using and loving what I have, but I promise this fits the theme. Patience, my friends!}

What item did I buy? Why, an old yellow wire trash can of course! Ok, so maybe that's not exactly an obvious purchase, but hear me out. I bought this so-called trash can for $21 from one of the vendors at Chartreuse & Co, but I immediately thought side table not trash can when I saw it. It was exactly what I had been hoping to find to go next to the slipper chair in our living room. I've been making do with another side table that I love, but that's too tall for the chair, for months now. I needed something shorter and this guy fit the bill.

I loved the patina (some may call it rust...) - all I needed was a top for it. Initially I was thinking a glass top would be nice, but then I had an aha moment. I remembered that I had a polished stone lazy susan that I wasn't using...

I placed it on top of the trash can and it turned out to be the PERFECT size. I couldn't believe it. It was like they were made for each other.


I'm smitten with the rustic mixed with refined when these two are together. Gorgeous.

To secure the stone slab to the old trash can, I just put a few dabs of hot glue on several areas on the underside of the stone where it would come in contact with the metal.

{It's hard to see, but there's a dot of glue where that table leg meets stone.}

And it was ready to go!

Now, the reason I'm blogging about purchasing this little gem of a find during a series on using and loving what I have is that I'm always on the hunt to make our home more functional and comfortable. This means making our "big pieces" of furniture work even in our unusually shaped space. Adding this one small thing to our living room makes me love the room overall even more and I got to put something to use (the stone lazy susan) that was previously just taking up storage space. A new side table is a small price to pay to help me love what I have - in a big picture kind of way. Sometimes you gotta fork over a little bit of dough to make your home a place you really love. Boom. Lesson of the day :).

I think it looks lovely next to my comfy slipper chair:

If you'd like to see the full living area, take a look at the "loving what you've got" home tour I posted earlier this week.

While I didn't do much in the way of purchasing at these barn sales last weekend, I did take lots of photos so I could share some lovely eye candy with you. When I go to shops/sales like this, I'm always so amazed at how many creative people there are out there with a great eye for making and curating some beautiful things. (Warning! low quality iPhone photos ahead!)

I started at Sweet Clover, where I met Cassie from Primitive and Proper and Karen the Graphics Fairy. They were lovely hostesses!

Next, it was off to Chartreuse & Co (the barn I talked about in this post back in February):

My last stop was the Old Lucketts Store. This was my first time here, and I wish I had taken more photos but I was pretty wiped out by this point :).

So who's ready to go shop these barn sales with me? I'll go back anytime!

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  1. Love that you live close enough to go to Sweet Clover. Cassie is the best! xo Kristin

  2. Chaney I will go to barn sales with you ANYTIME. I love the table - how perfect!

  3. that table is AWESOME!!!!! and i am so glad you came and we got to meet even if it was brief. it was crazy in there at that point! i really appreciate you coming and writing and sharing! and i want to dive into your 31 series! :) i love your theme! and thank you, kristin- you are pretty awesome, too! ;)

  4. I hate when people find awesome things that I CAN'T go to ikea and buy! Having serious side table envy ;) Love it!

    Stopping by from the Weekend Reading Party, Dawn from http://www.IThinkWeCouldBeFriends.com

  5. LOVE that table!!! I keep seeing people using trash cans as awesome tables, but have yet to find a trash can with potential. I'm especially impressed that you used your lazy susan as the tabletop. Kudos.

  6. What a cool idea! I love the garbage can. I'm hosting a pillow covers giveaway that you should enter! http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/2013/10/pillow-covers-giveaway.html

  7. Turned out great Chaney! I was there shopping too...sorry I missed you!

  8. Your table is PERFECT! I love when I can "marry" two unrelated thing and it's like they were really made for each other! Brilliant! (I'm visiting from Thrifty Thursday!)

  9. Love that the pieces came together to make the perfect side table! I am totally into that rusty patina! Sorry that we didn't get to meet at Sweet Clover. Maybe next time.

  10. I seriously never would have thought to turn a trash can into an end table. This is awesome and I love the way it looks. You are so creative. Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday.

  11. Your side table is GORGEOUS, Chaney! It was totally meant to be with that top, wasn't it? How perfect! And what a fun experience! I miss living in that area of the country, so many great finds!!

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