Wedding Invitation Glass Ball Ornament

Welcome to Day 5 of 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Ornaments! I've probably made about half a dozen of these wedding invitation Christmas ornaments for friends and family over the past few years and they're always a big hit. It's a perfect keepsake for a really special day in a couple's life. If I could find an extra invitation from my own wedding, I'd make one for myself! Read on for the tutorial...


  • Glass ball ornament
  • Wedding invitation
  • Scissors or paper trimmer

Anyone can do this craft and the final product is always beautiful, regardless of your perceived level of "crafting skills" :).

First, cut the invitation into strips, making sure to preserve the lines of text so that they're readable. It's ok for the strips to be different widths. Then wind the strips tightly around your finger so that they curl up like the second photo below.

Feed each strip into the glass ball ornament individually.

Once all the strips are in, you're done! It's that simple.

These are perfect gifts on their own, or you could even tie them onto a gift for a little something "extra" like the photo below. Just be sure it's secure! Those glass ball ornaments can break very easily (trust me - I know from some sad experiences!).

Go forth and make things, my friends! And for more ornament inspiration, take a look at my awesome blog friends' projects below. There are soooo many good ones!

christmas craft ideas

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*Disclosure: Some of the products used in this post were purchased with a gift card which I received from Michaels. Thank you, Michaels, for supporting my craftiness!

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  1. I've never seen anything like it! So creative and cute!

  2. I'm seriously going to see if I can find an extra wedding invitation from my wedding (though, I'm not hopeful since I've been married for 20 years!). But this would be great to do with birth announcements too!

    :) Linda

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