Free Font Round-Up

Being the typography nerd that I am, I love love pretty fonts (especially free ones!). When used well, they can really impact the look and feel of something you've designed. I've been collecting free fonts on my Graphic Design Pinterest board for awhile now, so I figured it might be time to share a few with you lovely people. Lots of blogs have put together lists of their favorites (I did that a little while ago here), and I hope that these sets will broaden your font world from the pre-installed ones on your computer. There is definitely some overlap in these lists, but that's ok - it must mean they're good ones, right? :)

Click on the links below the graphic to go to the original post. There are links to each font so you can download and install them to your computer. Installation instructions for PCs and Macs are at the bottom of the post as well.

*Note that all of these are free for personal use, but make sure you read the fine print for each one if you choose to download several of them. If you plan to use them for any items you plan to make money off of, you'll likely need to purchase a license.

/ 1 / A Subtle Revelry / 2 / I Will Invitations Blog / 3 / A Subtle Revelry / 4 / Homemade Ocean / 5 / Nicole's Classes / 6 / Nicole's Classes / 7 / The Handmade Home (Ashley's got a whole series on her blog) / 8 / The Handmade Home

To install fonts on a PC:
  • Download the font (it will be a zipped file)
  • Right click the zipped file you downloaded and click "extract all"
  • Click "extract" to save the font files to your computer
  • Double click the individual font file you want to install to open it
  • In the new window that pops up, click "install" 
  • Close the font file and you're done!
To install fonts on a Mac:
  • Download the font (it will be a zipped file)
  • Double click the zipped file and a new unzipped folder should appear in the Finder
  • Double click the individual font file you want to install to open it
  • In the new window that pops up, click "install font"
  • Close the window and you're done!


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