He Says/She Says: Outdoor Rugs

We finally bit the bullet on buying new patio furniture a couple of weeks ago and we have LOVED being able to spend time outside in our little space! We ended up not purchasing any of the options I wrote about here because I found another option at a great price that I ended up liking even more. I'll be sure to share all the details once I've finished tweaking the space a little bit and get a chance to take some photos. Sorry for the teaser! 

What I really want to talk about today though is something that's become a hot debate in our house: outdoor rugs. Once I assembled all of our outdoor furniture, I threw down some old carpet squares we used to have in our kitchen in DC. I'm not sure what the fibers are since I bought them from the dollar store, but they are definitely synthetic and should be able to live outside. The size is a tad small for the space, but I really loved the way it pulled everything together and added some color. I decided it would be a placeholder until I found a more permanent outdoor rug solution.

My husband came home to this situation one day and immediately said NO WAY to the rug due to the potential for dirt, grime and sogginess. We've gone back and forth on this issue for a couple of weeks now. Since the patio is totally exposed to the elements (no roof/pergola/etc.), I see his point and agree with his analysis of the potential yuck factor, but aesthetically, I'm pro outdoor rug.

I'm not sure I'm going to win on this one, but in the meantime, as you can see above, I've picked out eight lovely indoor/outdoor rugs that I'd purchase for our space. (All the sources are listed below the graphic.) Heck, a girl can dream right? ;)

So what I want to know is are YOU for or against outdoor rugs? Does it depend on the situation? Do you have favorite materials that can withstand the elements really well?

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