Patio Makeover Ideas {I Need Your Help!}

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some awesome small outdoor space ideas and I just can't shake the urge to get going on our little patio space now that the weather is cooperating :). I've decided I want to make it into a casual hang-out area that can double as outdoor dining space on occasion. New furniture is definitely needed to make this place inviting and comfy though.

As is always the case around here, I'm hoping to do this makeover on a tight budget and I've found three affordable "conversation sets" (which is kind of a hilarious name in my book) for our patio. I think I'm decided on what to get, but I want to throw them out there and get your opinion as well.

Here they are!

1 | Wood + White set from Bed Bath and Beyond ($249.00)
{Bed Bath and Beyond}
I love the simplicity and classic lines of this set. It seats four comfortably and has good reviews. The coffee table is a nice size to act as a dining table or ottoman and I like that it's wood and not glass - it won't show as much of the yucky-ness that inevitably shows up on outdoor furniture! The cushions look a little thin, and I worry about them looking cheap over time since they're white. Those are easily replaceable down the road though.

2 | "Shawmont" by Safavieh from All Modern ($434)

{All Modern}
This is the most expensive of the three, but I love the modern look and I'm a big fan of the gray color. The "wicker" would be really low maintenance and easy to clean - all it would need is a quick spray down with a hose. The one con? I'm not sold on the look of the coffee table in this set. I'm not sure what's up with the legs/frame with the visible bolts.

3 | Garden Oasis "Freeman" from Sears ($386)
Navy and white is a fantastic combo! This set looks more expensive to me than it is and the "X" style on the chairs and coffee table is pretty unique from what I've seen in my research. It looks really comfortable with those thick cushions. Like option number 2 though, I'm not crazy about the coffee table. With the glass top and a second surface below - not to mention that it's white - I worry about it showing a lot of dirt. I think it would work great on a covered porch, but maybe not so much on our patio that's exposed to all the elements.

What do y'all think? Which is your favorite?

Hopefully I'll be back with an update on how the patio is looking in a few weeks!

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  1. I like #1. The cushions do look thin but I like the natural wood of the set. And pillows on them would make them really pop and add extra comfort.

  2. I love the look of number 3! White and navy are my jam, and the x-style really makes the whole thing look high-end and classy. With the glass tabletop, I would think you could solve that problem by either removing the glass and either spray-painting the glass white or navy or removing it and replacing it with a piece of wood the same size and painted one of those colors. And I feel like as long as the set pieces are pretty high quality and you take good care of them, they would transfer well from the rental you're living in now to an outdoor space when you eventually have your own home. If you got tired of white and navy you could always change up the look years down the road just by recovering the cushions and spray painting the frames. Good luck with whichever one you choose!

  3. I love number three but understand your concerns about the table. I like the above suggestion of replacing the glass with wood.

  4. The number 1 set shout for a simplicity and relaxation. Moreover, let's admit it, makeover of house is always required with changing times and this includes renovating or buying a new furniture store Manila. Change is not static and the interiors of home must be altered within years to give your abode different look. Every room of a house needs to change with the changing time and fashion, as makeovers reflects your style statement and sense of prevailing vogue. Every room has its own importance so always go for whole makeovers rather than altering one room.

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