How I Scored A $6 Rug

Last week I was perusing the dollar store across the street from work (as I often do...you never know what you're gonna find!), and I was just getting ready to leave when I strolled down the home improvement aisle to look for one last thing. I didn't find what I was looking for, but right under the clothes hangers, I spotted something totally unexpected: carpet squares.

I know what you're thinking. Ugh, really, Chaney? Carpet squares? From the dollar store? Are you out of your mind?

Maybe a little, but again, at the dollar store, you never know. So I did what any normal(?) person would do, I started digging through the pile of squares, just to see if there might be any interesting designs or patterns. At $1/square, I couldn't help myself. You know I love a good bargain.

So imagine my excitement when, under some ugly purple squares, there was a beautiful sky blue, tan and white batik patterned square. I pulled it out and took a good look at it, and instantly thought, ok, this is legitimately pretty. Please, please tell me there are more.

And there were. Five more. Making six total squares. Certainly enough to put together a nice-sized rug. 

I snatched them up before anyone else could try to take them (although I think the competition was slim), quickly headed to the cash register, paid my $6, and hurried home.

I found a nice home for them in my kitchen:

Pretty, huh? I think it adds a really nice pop of color and pattern against our white cabinetry and appliances. You almost can't tell they're squares when they're positioned all snugly against each other. The rug measures about 3'x5' with the squares assembled.

And here's what one of the individual squares looks like though, just in case you were curious.

They reminded me of FLOR carpet tiles when I saw them at first, so I actually did a quick search on their website to see if they had a similar pattern. Lo and behold, they had something, um, almost identical

Take a look and tell me if you can tell a difference between my dollar store find and the Hide & Batik FLOR tiles:

{sorry for the small-ish image - this is the largest one I could find!}

Eerily similar.

Let's do a little price comparison, shall we?
  • FLOR tiles: $14/tile
  • Dollar store tiles: $1/tile

Total savings: 92%. I'd call that winning.

Now in terms of quality comparison, we'll just have to see how well they hold up - especially in a messy, high traffic area like a kitchen. I did spill some corn/black bean/bell pepper salsa on it over the weekend and it seemed to repel liquid/stains like a champ. I think it's a keeper.

Have you scored any great items at a steep discount lately? Found a good knockoff for a steal? Let me know! I love hearing about great bargains!

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  1. That is an absolutely great find! I love the blue....! I've been looking for a kitchen rug myself because a kitchen towel just isn't cutting it. :)


    1. Thanks Khloe! Just goes to show you never know where you're going to find something great! Hope you find a great kitchen rug (and a good deal too!).

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