Himmeli Hearts: A Valentine's Day Craft {Blog Hop!}

Hello, friends! Today I'm joining five of my blogging buddies for a fun post on Valentine's craft ideas. We're just under a month away from this holiday of love, so we thought it would be fun to share a few of our ideas with y'all. Thanks to Linda (from It All Started with Paint) for organizing this!

As you can tell from the title and the opening photo of the post, I made a couple of Himmeli hearts for my craft. Are y'all familiar with Himmeli-style art? I'm kind of obsessed with it right now, and this was my first time making something in that style. It's a type of geometric art made of straws that originated in Finland, and is typically used to make simple Christmas ornaments. People have started becoming more and more creative with their Himmeli crafts and I've definitely noticed it's trending in the design world! The possibilities are endless. I'm not big on seasonal decorating for the little holidays like Valentine's day, but this modern take on the quintessential VDay symbol? Yes please.

Here's what you need to make these hearts:
  • Straws (I picked these cute striped ones from the dollar section at Target)
  • Thin wire (all I could find was the green floral wire below. I removed the green plastic to expose the wire. It was a pain - so if you can find thin wire, use that!)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Once you get the hang of how to do this, they're really easy to make. I followed this amazing tutorial from Oleander and Palm that was posted on Vintage Revivals, and I'm not going to reinvent the wheel today and rewrite my own. She does a much better job than I could do, and so if you like what you see today, head on over to Vintage Revivals and get the full details. Consider this post a birds-eye-view summary of how to make these Himmeli hearts :).

It's handy to get your straws in order before you starts so they're ready to go. You'll need 12 straws cut in half (so that's 24 total after cutting them), six full-length ones, one 2 inch straw and one straw with about an inch cut off the end.

As you start to put the heart together (following the directions above), it will start to take shape:

And eventually, it will look something like this!

Halfway through my first attempt at one of these, I was getting really concerned that it was going to look all janky and weird, but in the end, it all worked out. Phew! I was so proud of my handiwork that I made one more big one (like the one above) in black and another tiny one in red. 

I think they look mighty cute together, don't you?

Now I want to Himmeli all the things! Perhaps a wreath? Or a light fixture? It would be fun to make something that can hang around all year round!

Be sure to check out the other projects from these lovely ladies below!

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  1. these are adorable, chaney! great tutorial, too!

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  2. Chaney - these are just so clever and cute! Love them and love your tutorial! So happy to be sharing the love with you today!

    :) Linda

  3. I love them! First time hearing about Himmeli crafts, very interesting!

  4. These are really cool-I've never seen anything like them before, thanks for sharing!

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