Quick Organizing Tip: Label Cords With Washi Tape

Sometimes it's little things that can make a BIG difference in keeping our lives in order. Today I want to share an organizing tip with you that has kept my husband and me a little more sane when it comes to cords and chargers. We have what seems like an endless amount of these in our house - is that true for your home as well? iPhones, Kindles, iPads...the list goes on. Each one of those has a charger to go with it and it's easy to lose track of which one belongs to which device (or whose device), especially when many look identical.

So I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if there was a way to easily tell them apart? 

Then it hit me: washi tape! Why not assign a pattern to each person and/or device? That way, you always know who that iPhone charger belongs to that's plugged into the living room wall, or whose earbuds are sitting on the kitchen counter without even having to ask. My husband used to accuse me of stealing his earbuds all the time (in jest...mostly :)) before we started labeling them and now it's easy to tell which ones belong to each of us.

All I did was add a little washi tape "flag" to the cord area and now it's easily identifiable. We even have a couple of extras that don't belong to anyone in particular and they have their own pattern.

The photos in this post show two examples. In the one below, the two on the left with the stripes are mine, and the two on the right with the gold are extras.

This washi tape labeling system is also really, really helpful when you're traveling, especially if you're staying at someone's house or traveling with others. No more questioning whether that iPhone charger belongs to you or if you're accidentally stealing it from your host! That can get awkward real quick... ;)

So that's my quick organizing tip to kick off the week. Do y'all have any little tricks like this that make a BIG difference to your lives?

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