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Hello Friday! Good to see you again :). And hello friends! How have your weeks been?

We're off to a weekend of house hunting in Philadelphia (our new home come the end of July) and hopefully we'll come back with some good news next week of where we'll be living! We've got an epic lineup of homes to tour, so you'll have to excuse me if I take a couple of days next week to get my head on straight. Maybe I'll have some fun stories to tell about our adventures...

Anyway, onto this week's lovely links! This is the time of the week where I round up eight of my favorite posts from around the blogosphere to share with y'all. Here we go...

1 | Speaking of touring homes, there were a LOT of really awesome summer home tours happening this week. Two of my favorites came from Jones Design Company and The Hunted Interior.

2 | How pretty and creative is this to use yarn for wrapping the cord of a light fixture? It makes even a ho-hum fixture look real purdy.

3 | This geometric lamp is made out of...wait for it...mat board. Full tutorial here.

4 | Jen, over at IHeart Organizing, wrote up a great post on how she saves money on items for her home. I'm definitely going to use a few of her new-to-me tips!

5 | Want to create a fun backdrop for a photobooth at your next shindig? Try this glittery guy out.

6 | Y'all have heard me say a time or two that I love a good IKEA hack. This bench looks so easy to do and how fun are the colors!?

7 | Living on the water for the summer has me thinking about lots of coastal home touches, which is probably why I love this witty "whalecome" welcome mat.

8 | And lastly, a yummy dessert to round out these links: homemade peppermint patties - in patriotic colors for the Fourth of July! (It's a little early, I know, but I LOVE peppermint patties.)

Have a great weekend!

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