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Happy Tuesday, y'all! I hope you're having good weeks so far. We got back late Sunday night from a whirlwind weekend up in Philly looking for our new future home, so I'm feeling a little behind (and a little tired!) this week. I thought I'd change things up and share a few little updates on life and projects today. These aren't really things that deserve a whole post by themselves - just little nuggets!

1 | I'll be hosting a giveaway tomorrow courtesy of Holly & Martin for the same coffee table that I wrote about last week. Come back and enter!

2 | A Philly housing update: we toured about a dozen rentals on Saturday and Sunday (phew!) and we found an amazing little gem of a row house. I can't share many details yet because it's not officially ours (we're waiting on the listing agent to send us the lease), but I'm pretty confident we'll be moving forward with it! I can tell you that it checked all the "must have" boxes on our list and we even got almost all of our "nice to haves" - it's a huge answer to prayer, so we're crossing our fingers that everything goes smoothly with the lease signing over the next couple of days. Can't wait to share some photos soon!

3 | In just a couple of weeks, Charlie and I are going to Paris! We've never been before and can't wait to explore. If you've been and have any must sees or can't miss places, I'm all ears.

4 | Behind the scenes of the blog, I've been working on a little side project designing some typographical map art for a t-shirt for Martha's Vineyard. That island holds a special place in our hearts, and Charlie and I have been working off and on as we've had time for the past few months to get them printed and available for purchase. I wanted to create a classy alternative to the typical not-so-attractive tourist t-shirt, and I think this fits the bill quite nicely. If you love the Vineyard and want a t-shirt, you're in luck - we've got a beta site up where you can purchase one using paypal. Head on over here and check it out. They're ready to go!

5 | Remember a couple of weeks ago when I had y'all vote on whether to DIY or buy the shutters for the river house? I think, sadly, we're leaning toward buy even though I appreciate all your very confident "yes!" votes from the post. With me working full time during the week and leaving on our trip to Europe soon we just won't be here long enough to do them before we move. Sad face. I'm hoping we can still get them before we move though so I can help with the installation and take some pretty photos!

6 | Wunderlist is my new favorite list-making list app. It's super simple, intuitive, and helps me stay on top of my to dos since I always have my iPhone on me. Some of my favorite features are that you can make lists for different categories (i.e. house, blog, grocery, etc.), add notes and reminders to individual items, and share the list with another person. The ability to share lists is definitely my absolute favorite part. Charlie and I share a "life" master list and a "grocery" list that we can both add to and check off. It syncs immediately so you know if someone has completed a task. You can even assign tasks to individuals if you share your list. It works well for both immediate get-it-done items and longer term items like needs for an upcoming trip or house maintenance.

6 | Jackson got a summer haircut last week. We like to call it the rat cut. He was totally embarrassed for the first couple of days without his hair! I generally like his hair longer, but for the summer it keeps him cool and he's a lot easier to maintain. He runs free here at the river, so he manages to get dirty a lot faster here!

That about wraps it up! I hope you enjoyed this little hodgepodge of randomness. :) Be back tomorrow with the giveaway!

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  1. Chaney! So exciting about your trip! John and I were in Paris last May and had the most incredible time. I wrote about everything we did on my old blog, which is now archived on The Gallivant. So if you go to the travel tab you will see all our posts in France. This day was my favorite: http://www.thegallivant.net/tabavoyage/2013/06/day-3-belated-post-bon-dimanche.html
    I highly recommend checking out that market, it was so fascinating and beautiful, and we also grabbed some wonderful and great quality (versus touristy junk) souvenirs, including herbes de provence and breton striped shirts.
    Have the best trip!

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