Printable June Calendar + iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper

I hope you all had lovely Memorial Day weekends (at least if you're here in the US of A!). I soaked up the time I had off and took full advantage to relax, hang with family and usher in the summer season. We had unbelievably nice weather, and I couldn't get enough time outside. Monday was my first day off from work since our St. Barth vacation in January(!), so you better believe I made the most of it. :)

With Memorial Day now behind us, a new month is just around the corner. I had my act together a little more this time around so I'm actually getting the monthly iPhone lock screen calendar freebie out before June begins for y'all to download and enjoy. This month's design features boldly colored, chunky stripes like you see above. The subtly summery colors felt just right now that the weather has (finally) warmed up.

In addition to the iPhone lock screen wallpaper, this month I decided to add a printable calendar to the set in case you're not a fan of putting a calendar on your iPhone screen, but like having an easy-to-access monthly calendar handy. This little 4"x5" guy can be downloaded as a PDF here and printed out at home (I'd suggest printing on card stock). Stick it by your desk, in your kitchen with washi tape, or anywhere you need a calendar!

The links to the iPhone lock screen wallpaper can be found here:

// Summer Stripes Lock Screen Wallpaper // 

If you download one, let me know how you like it! For instructions on how install these wallpapers on your lock screen, refer to the bottom of this post and let me know if you have questions.

I'm thinking of adding a desktop wallpaper to the mix next month. Is that something y'all would enjoy? Let me know!

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