Crepe Paper Fringe Streamers {A Tutorial}

My mom's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and we had a "porch party" at the river house to celebrate. The screen porch on the river side of the house was a new addition last year and let me tell you, it's the best spot in the house once the weather gets nice! You can be outside without being outside, if you know what I mean. And since it doesn't get that cold here in Virginia except in the dead of winter, we use it three seasons out of the year.

Anyway, I'm rambling.

The reason I'm telling y'all about this is because we decided we needed to jazz up the porch to make it look festive for the party. I'd had these big fringe garlands on my radar for awhile and had been waiting for a good excuse to make some. Thanks for having a birthday, Mom! Unfortunately, small-town Wal-Mart didn't have wide crepe paper like the kind that's pictured on Oh Happy Day, so I had to modify their tutorial to make it work for my regular ole crepe paper rolls. These streamers were so easy to make - you really can't mess them up. I loved making them and thought it brought so much fun color to the porch for the party that I thought y'all might want to make it for a future shindig you're throwing. You can make a ton of 'em in a really short period of time - bonus points for that kind of party decor, amiright?!

Here's how I made my version of crepe paper fringe streamers:

Supplies Needed:

  • Rolls of crepe paper in various colors (I chose aqua, white and royal blue) 
  • Scissors 
  • Washi tape or other paint-friendly tape for hanging 

Tear off a strip of crepe paper in the length you need. I made a short one for the tutorial, but for the party, I made them really long so that they'd stretch a good distance.

Fold it in half...
{side note: the photo above looks like a face, doesn't it?!}

...then in half again so you have a nice short piece to work with. The more folds you make, the less cutting you'll have to do in the next step. :)

Take your scissors and make cuts all down the length of the folded crepe paper, leaving about half an inch uncut at the top. In other words, remember you're making fringe, not confetti!

When you finish making your cuts, you'll end up with a piece that looks like this:

Unfold it, and you'll have a nice, long, fringed streamer! Cute, isn't it?

Make a bunch of them and hang using washi tape (so that it doesn't damage a painted surface and is easy to take down). Many streamers equals maximum impact!

I filled the brick wall behind the food table with them for a free-form garland look:

And I couldn't resist adding a couple to the table itself.

I also looped a set of three around the whole screened area of the porch.

These took so little effort and had such a big impact on the space. I love that something so simple and easy turned a regular ole room into a place that was ready to host a fun shindig in just a matter of a couple of hours!

What are your go-to, easy decorations for a party? Anybody ever made the big fringe from over on Oh Happy Day?


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  1. Cute. I had some friends just recently do something with crepe paper I had never heard of. They gathered it. I'm not sure what tutorial they used online, but here is one I found. http://www.danamadeit.com/2011/05/tutorial-ruffled-streamers.html

    They also dipped the edge of the paper in paint of a different color. It all looked really sharp.

  2. This is SO cute and simple! I absolutely love it! ;)

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