May Calendar iPhone Lock Screen {Free Download}

Hello hello! Happy Cinco de Mayo! As of Saturday, we are officially out of our DC apartment and let me tell you, moving took about all the physical, mental and emotional energy I had. So that's the reason for the crickets (i.e. radio silence) for the past week. Even Facebook noticed I was gone...they sent me an email with a subject line that said: "People who like May Richer Fuller Be haven't heard from you in awhile" - I'm not sure if that's hilarious or terrifying. Eek. I'll have more thoughts in the next few days on the move and being nomads for the summer before our real move to Philadelphia, but for today, let's keep it simple.

It's a new month (a few days late, I know), and you know what that means?! It's time for a new calendar for your iPhones! For the month of May, which happens to be one of my favorite months for a number of reasons, I went with simple stripes in both blue and green. I love having a monthly calendar as my lock screen. It's super handy (I'll also add that others have noticed it when I pull out my phone and agreed!), so I'm back again to share May's design with you.

Download it for free for your iPhone 4 or 5 in blue or green:

// Blue Lock Screen Wallpaper // 

// Green Lock Screen Wallpaper // 
iPhone 4 | iPhone 5

I hope y'all enjoy these monthly goodies. If you download one, let me know how you like it! For instructions on how install these wallpapers on your lock screen, refer to the bottom of this post and let me know if you have questions.

Have a great week!

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