Wood Shim Pendant Light Tutorial on Remodelaholic


Back in January, the lovely ladies over at Remodelaholic contacted me about guest posting for them with a tutorial of my wood shim pendant light. Needless to say, I was thrilled! I've always been impressed with their blog, and the fact that they wanted me (me?!) to post for them is truly an honor. I turned the three-part series of how I converted an old drum shade into a wood shim pendant light into a simple tutorial. The post went up at Remodelaholic on Saturday, and I'd love for y'all to go take a look!

This pendant light is the perfect solution for renters who need more overhead light, but a) don't want to break the bank installing something permanent or b) make their landlords angry by installing something permanent :).

Nearly a year after putting it up, I'm still loving it and I get all sorts of comments about it when people come to visit. I love that it's both a statement piece (that I can take with me!) and is something that adds a ton of light to what used to be a dark area of our apartment. After all, no one wants to eat at a dark dining table, right?

Thanks agin to Remodelaholic for having me as a visitor! I hope to be back again soon :).

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