Secretary Desk Turned Bar {31 Days: Day 8}

As I mentioned in yesterday's home tour, we've got a secretary desk in our dining area. Makes a lot of sense right? I mean, who doesn't have a secretary desk in their dining area? (Hint: that was a bit of sarcasm...) Well I said I'd tell you more about it in an upcoming post and it turns out that post is now!

I love this piece. We inherited it as a part of a bedroom set that was in my mom's room growing up at my grandparents' house. I split up the set and each of the three pieces lives in a different part of our home. Only one of them - the dresser - is still used for its original purpose. This secretary desk is actually a major multitasker in our home, but you'd never know it from the outside. And surprise! We don't use it as a desk.

You've actually seen what's in the top drawer before if you've been following MRFB for awhile. I designated it as space for my craft supplies and has been working really well as such.

Now, that's not a terribly unusual use for a drawer in a desk, but what is unusual is what we use the actual pull-down desk part for - a bar! That's mostly why this piece of furniture has a home in our dining space. Talk about using and loving what you have, huh? Even if it's for an unusual purpose.

We keep nearly all of our barware in here, and the desk surface works great as a serving and mixing station for parties. The cubbies and small shelf keep things organized and easy to see.

I love that you'd never know it was a bar otherwise though. Since our living/dining space is so open, it's nice not to have glassware and certain alcoholic beverages staring you in the face all the time, but it's all readily accessible come party time.

We store our table linens in one of the larger drawers below, which is perfect for when we need to set the table that's right next to it.

When you live in a small space, getting creative with storage is key! I love that we found a way to use this sentimental piece in a unique way. It's a constant reminder of my wonderful grandparents who I miss dearly - and I've gotta say, my party-lovin', super-extroverted grandfather would probably love that we use this for a bar!

Do you have any pieces of furniture you use in unique ways in your home?

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  1. i love it. such a pretty piece of furniture!

  2. That is so sweet. I used to have a secretary desk and wish I still did. They are classic. How fab that you gave an heirloom a new use. Very clever.

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