"Loving What You've Got" Home Tour {31 Days: Day 7}

I've been putting off this itty bitty city apartment tour for way too long. I've thought of every excuse under the sun: our apartment is so tiny and hard to photograph or this room's not finished or ugh, I don't even like what's going on with that room! But it's time to put all those thoughts aside and realize that it's never "done," and as the Nester says, "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." After all, this 31 days series is all about using and loving what I have and our home really does fit all of our current needs (and many wants too!). It may be tiny, but it's ours, and I am so grateful for it. So with all that in mind, I'd like to welcome you to our home! You'll see a couple of photos of each room/space today, and throughout the rest of my 31 days series, I'll show you some details of certain areas and some of the creative things I've done to make the most of them. 

First of all, it's helpful to understand that our apartment has a really funky shape. Here's the floor plan to give you an idea of what I'm working with here:

We jokingly call it our triangular-shaped apartment. See why?

Now that you've seen the floor plan, let's get started!


Walking through the front door you head into the foyer/entryway. There's a coat closet by the door and a nice storage pice with a hutch that has great kitchen storage in the bottom part.


This is where we spend the vast majority of our time. We love this space - even though it does have a funky shape to it. Furniture placement along the TV wall area is a little tricky due to the triangle shape, but we're workin' with it. We love having people over, and having this one "large" space (ahem, large as far as DC apartments go) to hang out in is awesome.


If you made a u-turn from that last photo of the living room, you'd run into our dining table. We designated this as dining space by installing that pendant light fixture over the center of the table. We didn't have space for a dining table in our last apartment, so I'm glad we can at least put a real table in this one and not eat all of our dinners on the couch! Who am I kidding, we still do that most of the time :).

We also have a multi-functional secretary desk on the wall opposite the dining table. We've repurposed the pull-down desk part of it into something that I think is pretty awesome, but you'll have to wait for another post to find out what it is! 


Tiny, tiny (so there's not much to show you!) - but it's nice and organized. We're making the most of it by adding happy touches like the yellow floral fabric lining the back of the etagere.


I'm still loving the headboard I made a couple of months ago. I replaced the pleated paper wreath with the sunburst mirror I made (the how-to for that is over on Kayla Aimee's blog). See the second photo for that addition. If you look back at the floor plan, you can see that the wall our bed sits against has some interesting angles that make bedside table placement difficult. If you have any ideas on how to make these more functional, I'm all ears.


This sawhorse desk with upholstered top I made awhile back sits in the corner of our bedroom opposite the bed. It's a great workspace, and I especially love that it sits in front of a big ole window. I'm so glad we have it.  

That'll doe it for the tour of our itty bitty city apartment. Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks to those who took my reader survey that suggested I add a home tour. I always love it when blogs have one, so it was high time I added one to my blog! Let me know if you have any questions about our home. I'll be going into more detail about some areas in future posts during this series, but I'm happy to answer anything you'd like to ask in the meantime!

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  1. crazy floor plan, but you guys really made it work!

    1. Thanks Erin. You're right - I don't know who thought this floor plan would be a good idea! I think they took "architectural interest" a little too far, ha!

  2. In the end, you gotta love all the crazy angles ~ lots of fun challenges ;-) You did a great job decorating and really getting good use of your space! Love it!

  3. Obsessed with the fall front desk!! Great home, thanks for sharing!

  4. Loving your cozy lil space and your 31 day topic. Thanks for sharing your cute home!:)

  5. Hey Chaney--y'alls place looks great! Did you paint out that secretary? The colors are so pretty!

  6. I love everything about the place! new follower!

  7. It's adorable, Chaney! I feel the same way about my house (military housing) so I've never done a full home tour but I'm always thinking I need to because it's never going to be perfect, what in life ever is? On a side note. We used to live in Alexandria, VA. My husband was stationed at the Pentagon for 3 years. Where in DC do you live? We miss it so so much!!

  8. How did you add that previous yellow print to bathroom cabinet?


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