Pleated Fabric Wreath With Rosettes {31 Days: Day 2}

I love fabric. I also love a great deal on fabric. Combine those two things with an awesome discount fabric store and I'm in major trouble. I've accumulated fabric faster than I can use it in the past few years and therefore I've got a nice lil collection stockpiled in this cute striped bin.

It's high time to use some of this fabric, and I'm starting this 31 Days series by making a fall wreath out of some remnants. I love making wreaths, and I've actually been using the same wreath form for about two years now. (I know. I know. So clever of me...) Why waste a perfectly good wreath form? The cost of buying a new one for each wreath can really add up!

It's the same one I used for these three fun ones:

This time I used some mustard yellow and cream Marimekko fabric I got from a remnant bin at Crate and Barrel outlet (it was $0.99/pound - yes, a POUND - how could I pass that up?) to make a simple pleated wreath. I also tacked on three gray fabric rosettes I made for a little something extra. A quick tutorial for those is at the end.

Making this wreath is really simple, and I actually made it harder than it needed to be because I wanted to be able to reuse my wreath form again (and again) in the future. Here's how I did it...

Supplies needed:
  • Wreath form (mine's a rubbery ring)
  • Strips of fabric (the widths should be approximately the same, but the length doesn't matter)
  • Double stick tape or hot glue
  • Straight pins

Step 1: Pin down one end of a strip of fabric to the wreath form and start pleating, adding a small strip of double sided tape under each pleat to keep it together. The double stick tape provides just enough hold, but keeps it looking loose and relaxed as well.

Step 2: Pin the pleated strip to the wreath form on the underside. I used one pin on about every other pleat. This secures it pretty well, but use as many as you need. You can also just hot glue your pleats to the wreath form if you're not in the business of reusing your wreath form :).

Step 3: Keep going until you run out of fabric, then add the end of your next strip of fabric under the last pleat you made to hide the raw edge. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until your pleats have gone all the way around the wreath form. The pleats will look like one continuous circle once complete.

You're done!

Then, to make the little pleated flowers/rosettes, all you do is twist a strip of fabric tightly and wind it around itself, hot gluing it as you go. It's fairly self-explanatory, but if you want a full step-by-step, learn from the best with this tutorial. This is what mine looked like in process:

Attach the flowers to the wreath with straight pins and put an upholstery tack in the middle of each to mimic flower centers (optional step).

The finished wreath will look a little something like this:


I love that I had a chance to use some of my pretty fabric to make this fall-looking wreath! That's one project down using things I had on hand, many more to go :). I've got another fabric project coming on Friday, so get ready.

Tomorrow is an exciting day - it's my blog's one year anniversary! I've got some reflections on what this past year's been like, as well as a few goals for the future. I hope you'll join me for that!

Read the series from the beginning...

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  1. I love this! So sweet and I haven't seen one that looks like this before. well done.

    and i also have a bunch of scraps too, perfect use for them:)

    1. Thanks Reeve! Using up fabric scraps can be challenging when you only have a small piece (especially one that's too small for a pillow or something simple like that). Have fun using your scraps!

  2. This is so pretty! I love the folded fabric! LOVE!

  3. Chaney this is so cute, love the colors :) xo

  4. Your wreath is adorable. I share your love of fabric, wreaths and thrift!

    Thanks for letting me know about the 31 days. I found you through Southern Hospitality's Linky today.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, the 31 Days is happening every day this month. It looks like over 1400 bloggers are participating this year...crazy!

  5. This is just lovely! And using what you have - what a fabulous idea! :)

  6. So pretty and such a great tutorial!

  7. love!!! The pleats and the rossetts are perfect... already thinking a possible Thanksgiving wreath or Christmas made like this :O) Pinned!! Emily @nap-timecreations

  8. I love the mustard yellow with the gray rosettes. It's such a beautiful combination. I really like how you didn't just wrap the fabric around the wreath, but you made it ruffly. It's absolutely adorable and so perfect. Thanks for sharing how you made it and for linking up to Thrifty Thursday.

  9. I LOVE making wreaths & this one is too cute! I've never thought to reuse the form - what a great idea! I found you through The Nester & like your topic! This is my 1st time participating too :) Your blog is so cute!

  10. Such cute little pleats!!! I love the yellow and the gray together too. We'll be featuring your wreath over at Someday Crafts tomorrow, so come visit us if you have a minute! :)

  11. If all the fabric you have stockpiled fits in that cute striped bin, I wouldn't worry too much. I am in the midst of a major overhaul in my craft corner - so far, I have three totes of fabric!! Once I get it organized, I will find a cute way to display my fabric so I can see what all I actually have and it will encourage me to use more. Love the wreath!!

  12. Beautiful job! I'd love if you'd link up to The DIY'ers. http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/2013/10/diyers-32-and-marathon-weekend.html

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  14. Love this! My fav colors. The little rosettes and so cute, great job.

  15. I love your wreath! I have pinned!

    Tammy @ thecoloreddoor.blogspot.com

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