Weekend Craftivity: Burlap Wreath

I think I made up a new word in my title today - craftivity?! Craft + activity = craftivity. I think it's kinda snazzy. Kinda like Brad + Angelina = Brangelina, right? Yeah, I'm cool, I know.


This weekend I got the crafting itch, and I knew I wanted to make a fall wreath for our door. I reused a wreath form that I had from a previous year's wreath that I never really loved and covered it in burlap. Remember when I made my autumn bunting out of burlap and said I still had a whole roll to use up? Well, I at least got started on that with my fall wreath. Here it is!

I like how it's rustic and simple. I had the rosettes from another project, so I just reused them as well. This was definitely a "use whatcha got" project. I didn't buy a single thing. It's amazing how much stuff I have lying around just waiting to be used. {Good thing? Bad thing?}

I didn't do a tutorial because I truly just cut long strips of burlap, folded them in half so I'd have a clean edge, and wrapped them around the wreath form. I pinned the ends on the back using straight pins. Any one of you could do this.

The rosettes are made out of long grosgrain ribbons I saved from wedding gifts from Pottery Barn. Again, call me a hoarder, but ribbon is expensive! Why get rid of the nice stuff when you know you can reuse it? They were very easy to make as well. I loosely followed this tutorial when I made them, but all you need to make them is patience and a hot glue gun. Starting at one end, twist the ribbon like you'd twirl a piece of your hair (ok, that sounds a little weird, but the image helps) then start rolling it up like a cinnamon roll (another weird, but helpful image), gluing it together every now and then so it stays together. Does that make sense? If not, just follow the tutorial I linked to above. It has pictures :).

So that's my fall wreath. Did you do any craftivities this weekend?

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