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Welcome to our apartment! As promised, after showing you some gorgeous entryways, I'm back with some photos of our very own in its current state. I've never photographed this little section of our apartment before, so it was an interesting game figuring out how to shoot a long-ish, narrow area with little natural light. (Tripod to the rescue!)

Just to get you oriented a little bit to where we are in the apartment from the shot at the top, the door on the left goes to our front hall closet, the wide opening on the right leads to our kitchen, behind the camera to the right is the living area, and behind to the left is the dining area (where the wood shim pendant light hangs).

Got it? Yes? Not confusing at all - right? One of these days I'll show you a floor plan and alllll of this will make so much more sense :).

So let's take a little tour...

This piece of furniture below belonged to my mom when she was little. I inherited her "bedroom set" when my grandparents passed away and have three pieces total. The only one that is still being used for its original purpose is the dresser. It lives in our bedroom. I am all about breaking up furniture sets and re-purposing them to avoid the matchy-matchy look (no offense though if that's your thing!). Who says a bookshelf like this has to hold books? In fact, the bottom half of this piece holds our overflow pantry items and baking supplies. Surprise! (See this post for details...)

And as you can see, the shelves on this piece currently house a collection of favorite photos and one very special stack of letters. Those old envelopes hold a set of letters my grandfather wrote my grandmother during World War II. I'm slowly reading through them, and am loving seeing my grandfather's personality shine through. I can almost hear his voice in each handwritten line.

The milk glass pedestal bowl also belonged to my grandparents. It's the perfect size for corralling keys and other small things we drop off at the door. I realized yesterday that I need to go through it periodically...it's amazing how much stuff we accumulate in a tiny bowl!

So that's pretty much it! Small, but functional. According to my list of wants/needs for an entry from yesterday's post, we pretty check the box on everything...functionally. There's a surface for keys and other "drop at the door" items, a light source (that I didn't even bother to photograph because it's so dinky) with a switch by the door, a place to hang coats in the hall closet and some photos. I'd love to inject a little more personality, but I'll get to that when I get to it, ha ;). I'm open to ideas if you've got some!

Last night I did finish up a little project for that small wall opposite the hall closet. Can't wait to show you!

That wraps up the tour of about 50 square feet of our little home. Hope you enjoyed it!

I'd love to hear about your entryways too - what do you like about it? What do you not like so much about it or wish was different?

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  1. So cute: love how you inherited furniture and the milk glass bowl is gorgeous! Our entry is more of a foyer... it's rectangular, but not like a hallway, but an awkwardly placed room before you step into the living room. You have a square section to the right and to the left. It's big, but not big enough to house substantially sized furniture... it's so hard to explain, but once we added a rug to break up the huge expanse of tile, it made it more cozy!

    1. Sounds lovely, Chrissy! I'm sure you've made it look beautiful. Awkward spaces are challenging - our living room is actually triangular, which makes furniture placement pretty tricky!!

  2. What a cute little space! I love all of the meaningful family history packed into one spot. And you are genius to use that for extra kitchen storage--love it! Hope you're having a wonderful week, Chaney!

    ~Abby =)

  3. Love it! Those letters are priceless - how clever to add them to your decor! And be glad you at least have convenient lighting...our current lighting situation is atrocious! When you walk into our mudroom, the only light switch is behind the kitchen door, which means walking through the dark mudroom, through a door into the kitchen to turn on the light. Then the light for the kitchen is across the room on the opposite wall! Not the most brilliant set up, I must say!

    1. Thanks, Nicole!

      Ugh! What a pain to have to go all the way to the kitchen to turn on a light! Is there a way you could put a table lamp or something in the mudroom? I'm sure that feeling your way through the dark isn't the most fun!


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