If I Were Going Back to School...

Happy day-after-Labor-Day y'all! When I was growing up, this was always the first day of the new school year (though I know many of you started back in the middle of August!). It always makes me a little nostalgic thinking about it. So just for fun, I thought I'd throw together a round up of items I'd snatch up if I were headed back to school this fall. I also just plain love school and office supplies - in fact, my family still jokes about how giddy I get when I go to an office supply store, stationery store, or even just see a closet full of office supplies. It's kind of ridiculous.

And heck, who says school supplies are just for people starting back to school? I may have to pick up a few of these for myself just 'cause. :)

Oh. Em. Gee. Love this stuff.

In case you're looking to stock up on school or pretty office supplies for yourself or your kids, here are my favorite stores and websites to browse (and where many of these picks came from):

See Jane Work
Martha Stewart Collection from Staples
The Container Store
Paper Source

Do you have a favorite source for school or office supplies? I'm always on the hunt for good sources!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. So cute! Martha Stewart always has the greatest stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these items! I totally agree - who has to be going back to school to need these? Haha!

    I was - ok, am - a total office supply junkie as well. As a child I would raid my grandfather's office trashcan for "junk mail." I thought filling out the forms and organizing all the "mail" was so much fun! To this day, I still enjoy office work!

    1. Hilarious! I used to love going to my dad's office as a kid because it meant I'd get to go gaze at their enormous supply closet. Sometimes I'd even get a pen or two to take home with me too :).

  3. If you have nostalgia for school days, please remember how much homework you had to do, writing essay , I think after these memories nostalgia will quickly go away))

  4. Ohhhh... I wish I could go back to school! I'm a student now, and I feel like it's pretty hard for me, because I'm a second-year student and I still feel like I'm going to school, because I miss it all. And college is pretty hard for me, so I always use assignment help online, because I can't make it all by myself. I needed some time to get used to this rhythm, but I'm giving up now. So I feel grateful that I have those guys to help me. Otherwise, I'd quit on the start. But sometimes lovely supplies help me to do stuff because I'm mesmerized.

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