August Project Round-Up

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I can't believe September is here! August was a whirlwind - we were out of town literally every weekend this month, including Labor Day weekend, so I can't wait to have a few weekends at home to get my head on straight (i.e. actually clean our apartment among many other things! :) ). Did anyone else have a month like that? Since we were out of town so much, I didn't get to work on many "big" projects last month, but I've got a bunch of ideas swirling around in my head, so I'm hoping to tackle a few of them soon now that things have calmed down a bit.

Before August is distant memory though, I wanted to take a look back at some favorite posts from the past month. If you missed anything, this is a great way to catch up!

I've been loving coral this summer, and couldn't resist including that color in the stool makeover I did for my parents at their river house. The coral and white looks so crisp together! Talk about the power of paint. Oh, and a cute dog doesn't hurt either.

I continued my quest to define my style - this month in the kitchen and the bedroom. I'm pretty set on the style of my kitchen (classic white), but I'm a little more torn on what I want the look and "feel" of my bedroom to be. Head on over here to weigh in on my dilemma.

A super fun series I did this month was "5 Days of Book Page Crafts." The most popular of the five were the garland and the wreath - were those your favorites or did you like one of the others? I've made it easy to follow the series if you'd like to go back and see all the tutorials. At the bottom of each post, starting with Day 1, there's a link you can click to go to the next project in the series.

I love finding new uses for old things (see: book pages above), and the twig and paper flag centerpiece I made last week out of an old newspaper fits nicely into that category. Another thing I love? Simple, quick projects that have a big impact. This one is that too. Have a party, bridal shower or birthday party coming up? Boom. Centerpiece. Done. In about ten minutes. 

Annnd lastly, after we took our awesome trip to California (hitting up LA, Route 1, San Francisco and Napa Valley), I shared a post about my favorite packing tips. I managed to squish eight days worth of stuff into a carry on because I despise paying for checked baggage...and I hate waiting at baggage claim. Go ahead and call me a penny pincher and impatient. I'm ok with that :). If you want to see how I did it, head on over here.

How was your month of August? Are you as sad as I am that summer is "over" (even though the weather strongly goes against that notion in DC right now)? I'm slowly coming around to the idea of fall, which I love, but I am a summer girl all the way. Le sigh. I will say that I am SO GLAD football is back though. Don't even try to talk to me when my Tigers (of the Auburn variety) are playing. If you need me, you'll find me screaming at the TV :).

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