Lovely Links for Your Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Friday y'all! Hooray for Labor Day weekend! I've decided to change things up and take a bit of a break from my Creative Bits series for awhile. Instead, I'll be giving you an extra dose of lovely links to look at on Fridays. Sound good? If you loved Creative Bits, let me know in the comments, and I'll see what I can do :).

** P.S. (Can you have a P.S. at the beginning of something?) Don't forget to enter the house number sign giveaway I've got going on this week! **

Now off to some lovely links!

1 | I'm totally swamped time-wise right now, but I'd love to take this class on making paper flowers when I free up a little bit!

{via Skillshare}

2 | Though my IKEA pendant light kit worked great for our wood shim fixture, I ran across an alternative on The Blissful Bee this week. This converter kit from Lowe's looks like a great option, especially if you don't live near an IKEA. Give this guy a shot if you're looking to hang a drum shade as a pendant light.

3 | I am most definitely going to cover some of our books in kraft paper and put 'em on display somehow. They'd make a great addition to a mantel or on a tabletop. Aren't these pretty?

4 | I truly admire people who can paint. I love these letter watercolors Emily did, and think that maybe, just maybe I could try these and they might turn out ok :). We'll see...

5 | Obsessed with how Young House Love's new house is coming together, especially their foyer. That aqua door and the Moravian star pendant are gorgeous together.

6 | Thinking about subscribing to Spotify's Premium service since I rarely pay for and download songs anymore (sorry music industry!). Do any of you have it? Do you like it? Recommend it? I listen to Pandora mostly right now, but miss being able to make a playlist out of my current faves.

7 | I've been passively thinking about/looking for a side table for the slipper chair in the living room. I love the look of this Target one - especially painted gold!

8 | And lastly, I really liked reading this "behind the scenes" post from Jackie at Teal and Lime about blog photography and finding good natural light. Even though I've improved a lot in this arena, it's something I struggle with, and I dread the short winter days when it's dark before I even get home from work. If you're a blogger or into photography, you know what I mean about the challenges of losing natural light by 4:30pm! It's a lot harder to get projects done during the week in those months. Sigh. I'll try not to lose sleep over it though :).

I hope y'all have wonderfully relaxing Labor Day weekends. I'm planning to soak it up. College football (oh how I love thee) starts this weekend. I love my Auburn Tigers. War Eagle! Maybe that'll get me in the mood to start thinking about fall next week - though I'm not quite ready yet!

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  1. Chaney, thanks for sharing my post on Finding the Light! I know all to well the struggle of having no natural light in the winter. I hope I can learn more tips and tricks to share this winter!

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