Defining My Style: Bedrooms

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We're moving right along in this series I'm calling Defining My Style. We're heading "upstairs" this time to the bedroom. I've been thinking about this one quite a bit lately since I DIY'd our upholstered headboard a month-ish ago and I find that I'm torn between two styles for bedrooms: neutral, light and serene, or colorful and energizing. 

Here's an example of a neutral bedroom I love from Centsational Girl:

Doesn't that mix of gray, white and cream just make you want to relax, cuddle up and take a nap? Many people think neutral equals boring, but when you mix and match patterns in similar colors, they provide plenty of visual interest while maintaining a calm and inviting feel. You trackin' with me on that one?

Here are a few other (mostly) neutral bedrooms that caught my eye while I was prepping this post:


Lovely. Yes?

I think one other key to doing neutrals in an interesting way is to vary the textures in the room. Even if you've got a 100% white bed, mixing linen, crisp cotton and matelasse (for example) can keep it from becoming boring and cold.

Oh! but what about the fun factor a colorful bedroom brings to the table? I'm also so drawn to something like this from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, which I've shown you before:

Hello coral, slate gray and gold - nice to meet you. Can we also talk about the brilliant pattern mixing in this room? I think I'm partly drawn to this because the color scheme is pretty similar to what I've got going on right now in our bedroom after installing our upholstered headboard.

Along with that bedroom above, here are some other colorful ones I love:

There's definitely a lot of coral, blue, gray and white going on here! At least I can decide on a color scheme if I go with saturated color in the bedroom :). Did any of these images catch your eye?

I'm still feeling torn on what my "ideal" is, even after pulling the photos for this post. Maybe that means what I'm really craving is a happy medium. Perhaps a white duvet with lots of other color and pattern mixed in with pillows and the headboard?

Where do you stand on bringing color into the bedroom decor?

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  1. Great post! I am feeling this exact same way lately... I need to spruce up our bedroom and I can't decide which way to go. I love both neutral/serene and bright pops of color! It's a tough call... my thoughts so far are to do our master in neutrals and the guest bedroom with lots of color. Maybe that will satisfy my want for both?


  2. I really love both. Having said that I am leaning toward the serene greyish and white. I am going to tell you why. Having a bright color headboard will be one big bright color in your bedroom. And it will be limited to dress up your bed as far as throw pillows and bed set. With neutral greyish, you have choices to dress up the bed with color throw pillows bed sets. Just my opinion. They are all look beautiful.


  3. I think it is interesting to note that even the colourful pictures you used here still have neutral walls - other than the navy one. :) I think they are a perfect mix of the neutral but with pops of colour. That would be nice with your bright headboard!!

  4. what does your bedroom look like now? These pictures are all gorgeous!!! Emily@nap-timecreations


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