Operation {Re}Organization: The Front Hall Closet {Inspiration}

Hello lovely people! You may have noticed I took a short hiatus from Operation {Re}Organization over the past couple of months, but don't worry, it's back! I unintentionally took a little break after the bathroom makeover because our weekends have been full of travel and hosting out-of-town guests (all good things, but it leaves less time for larger projects :) ). I think we're settling back down though, and I can't wait to tackle this next part of our home - the front hall closet.

Just like I've done for the other areas of our apartment, I'm planning to divide this project into different parts and different posts. Today I've got some pretty inspiration photos to help motivate me (and you?), give me ideas and guide the process, and over the next couple of posts you'll have the pleasure of walking through my organization process with me. I know you can't wait to see those before pictures, right? This closet's in pretty bad shape right now. Get ready.

Let's not get bogged down in that stuff on a Monday though, ok? We'll ease our way in with these lovely front hall closets that have been organized beautifully and I'll point out some things I like about them. I'd love to hear what you like too, so feel free to comment away at the end of the post!

Let's start with this one from the House of Smiths:

I love how Shelley mixed different types of storage and organization techniques to meet her needs. By using a combination of baskets, open shelves, hooks and large drawers, she has a place for everything from mail to coats to lightbulbs. And though we won't be able to put a bench like hers in our closet, I do love the idea.

Onto the next space from Oak Ridge Revival:

Talk about multipurpose storage. I spy hooks for winter scarves, a round basket containing gift wrap and a large bucket corralling sporting goods. Our hall closet needs multipurpose storage to the max. We've got a wide range of items that need a designated home in this space, so I love seeing a great example of one done well.

This next closet has a similar layout to ours, and probably many of yours if you've got a standard builder-grade closet...

...with a clothing rod across the entire width. Ours also has a shelf across the top. What I like here is that they've added shelving across the bottom too to get rid of that dead space that can so easily become a cluttered mess. Shelving plus baskets and bins equals no messy pile on the floor! And of course the hooks on the door are great for bulkier items like these totes.

One more similar one from Martha (she's good, isn't she?):

This one really is just like ours, but I like how they divided the space with a hanging organizer. With that, you have plenty of room for coats (especially if you add that double hanging rod!), but also a good way to organize smaller items like hats. Those baskets on the top shelf are great for storing bulkier items as well.

Last, but not least, Real Simple did a great job with this entryway closet makeover:

That shelving unit on the left is awesome (looks like an IKEA Expedit) because it can hold all kinds of different storage bins for different organizational needs. The shorter clothing rod is perfect for storing coats, and doesn't take up any unnecessary room.

Alright, so with that inspiration in mind, what are some common themes and takeaways here?

  • Use a variety of storage items. Bins, baskets, storage drawers and boxes of various sizes are your friends. Choose the appropriate size and shape for the items.
  • Hooks aren't just for coats - use them for scarves, bags, and other hanging items. Think outside the box.
  • Keep the floor clear of clutter.
  • Store "like with like." For example, if you need a place for home repair/maintenance items, group all of those items together in a couple of plastic bins or drawers. If you've got gift wrapping items, place your gift bags, tape, ribbons, etc. together in a container and put all gift wrap in a basket.
  • Designate a place for everything.
  • Label baskets and bins to make it easy for you and others to keep things organized.

Feeling inspired yet? I certainly am. I'm ready to go...looking forward to a good clean-out/purge as my first step. I hope to have an update for you soon.

How about you? Want to get in on this? It'll be lots of fun!


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