Creative Bits | 19: Confetti Wall & Coral Dresser

Happy Friday y'all! I'm changing things up a little here with the Creative Bits series. The idea is the same - pick an inspiring photo and point out the creative ideas - but now I'm going to number my favorite parts and try to give you a few ideas on how you can "get the look." Today's installment comes from a new-to-me-blog called A Place For Us. Destiny was kind enough to let me show off a photo of part of her beautiful office space. Take a look:

Isn't that space just so pretty? I really do love how creative she was with the confetti wall, the bright coral paint on the dresser, and the handy, labeled drawer pulls - she'll always know where her office supplies are!

If you'd like to read more about this space, Destiny has her sources and how-tos over on her blog. Go here for the confetti wall and go here for the coral dresser.

Have a great weekend! And Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there. Make sure you give yours an extra squeeze this Sunday. If you're still looking for a last minute DIY gift - check out my post from last week!


Creative Bits is a semi-regular series here on May Richer Fuller Be where I share little tips, tricks and simple do-it-yourself projects from other creative bloggers' minds. I figure if it makes me say, "wow," it's worth passing along to you! And remember, if you want to pin any images that don't belong to me, please click through and pin from the original source!

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  1. Replace the coral with teal and I'm in! Thanks for breaking the look down for us. I wouldn't have noticed the pulls if I were looking to this for inspiration, but you're right that it's an important detail. You've got a great eye!

    1. Thanks! Teal would be beautiful on that dresser too. It's amazing what a little color will do, huh?

  2. What a beautiful office! I am loving coral right now.

  3. Love this space! I was especially interested in seeing what she had on top of the dresser...I'm totally into vignettes right now. I actually just worked on one in my own space if you care to check it out: http://nicoleslifeafter20.blogspot.com/2013/05/dresser-vignette.html

    I really like the cake stand with books on top. I wouldn't have thought of that! The whole thing is inspiring, thanks for sharing!

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  9. Hi there,

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    I also love the coral dresser and how you transformed it into a beautiful piece of furniture. The color is so vibrant and adds a nice contrast to the white walls and bedding.
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    Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspiration with your readers.

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