Window Shopping: CB2 (and a Little West Elm)

I love a good window shopping session, and over the weekend I had a few minutes to duck into CB2 and West Elm for a little peek at their new items for spring. Care to take a look at a few things that caught my eye? Warning, iPhone pics with less-than-ideal lighting ahead...

I've been to Crate&Barrel plenty of times before, but had never been to their sister store, CB2, before (browsed online, but never in person). It's full of really fun, super modern design. I'm glad we don't have any room for new things in our apartment, because otherwise my wallet would've gotten me in trouble!

Let's start with these stools. Yes, yes, I know, chevron is everywhere, but I love the whimsy take on it here. $124 per stool is more than I'd like to spend, but it wouldn't be hard to makeover an old stool to get a similar look.

This bowl would make a great wedding gift. It's handmade, so each one is a little different. At nearly 14" in diameter, you could serve just about anything in it, or use it for display. Watch out soon-to-be-married friends, this may show up on your doorstep!

Oh goodness, how cute is this pig bookend? I think I could make some room for it on our built-in bookshelf. If I get rid of some books. Hmm...time for a clean out?

This beverage dispenser made me long for summer, outdoor parties, and a good glass of sangria.

I think this take on a metal coat rack is so fun and different. Like the little sign above it says - it'd be perfect for an entryway. Its slim profile doesn't take up much space, making it ideal for an apartment or home without a dedicated entry space.

This chair is part of the Novogratz collection. It feels very vintage - maybe mid-century modernish? The racing stripe really "makes" the chair, if you know what I mean. The one on their website has a blue stripe, which I don't love quite as much, but the white = love.

Ready for the deal of the day? This tall beaker pitcher is only $5.95(!). It's hard to find a glass pitcher anywhere at that price, let alone one that makes the science nerd in me clap with delight (feel free to roll your eyes now). Funny story - I actually found one of these at a thrift store a little while ago and grabbed it for around $4 (which I thought was a great deal at the time, but turns out it's only $6 full price - ha!). I've got a little makeover planned for it though - details next week!

Sigh. This little yellow metal cart is freaking adorable. That is all. (Again - couldn't find yellow on the website, so the link goes to the white version.)

Fabulous fabrics. I love pretty fabrics.

Now onto West Elm! I only had a couple of minutes to spend there, so the following three items were the only ones I photographed. I could literally close my eyes and point at just about anything in that store and I'd love it though.

Have you heard about their paper flower shop? These beauties get to be pricey when you get enough for a bouquet, but man are they pretty.

These light fixtures have a similar feel to my wood shim pendant light, but are more airy. I like the fact that there's not a lot of visual weight to it, but that it really makes a statement.

And last, but not least, is this mini dresser/night stand. The tiles on the front looks like marble, but are actually wood. Amazing, huh? This piece would be perfect in a bright bedroom with mostly white linens.

Sooo, have I made you want to go shopping yet? Any favorite finds at these stores lately?

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  1. Love both stores. Great new items!!

  2. i loveee CB2. Though the most recent purchase has left me with a bad taste in my mouth mostly because the installation was a pain! but our first purchase was the blox table (smaller version). that is my most favorite purchase EVER for anything in our condo. it's just perfect! solid, i love it! then our recent purchase was the firefly pendant. The directions made it look deceptively EASY to install, But they fail to realize that not every junction box is the same, and felt like there were too few pieces included (needed more hardware for the mounting plate). but otherwise the store <3!

    1. I love the Firefly pendant! I bet it looks awesome in your condo. Agreed about installation though - it always seems easier than it actually is, especially when it comes to electrical stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Is that the West Elm in Georgetown? That store is crazy tiny. I'm so spoiled by living close to Tysons. By the way, have you been out to the C Wonder store yet? You would love it. Go shop that for me with your super keen eyes, will ya? ;-)

    1. It is! And yes, it's pretty tiny, but they pack a lot in there. The Tysons stores are sooo awesome to go into because they're HUGE! I haven't been to C Wonder I don't think - I'll have to head out there sometime. Thanks for the heads up! Maybe I'll do a little window shopping post for that store too :).

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