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Hello my lovely people! I hope y'all are having great weeks so far. I was catching up on Emily Henderson's blog last week and ran across an Instagram contest she's holding. I thought I'd share it with you, along with my entry, in case you want to participate or just follow along in this little competition.

To enter, all you have to do (as the graphic above indicates) is answer the question, "What piece of furniture would you save from a fire?" with an Instagram of the piece along with the hashtag #emilysaveme. The winner doesn't get a prize, per se, but Emily is going to show off 20 of her favorites on her blog. I'd say that's a pretty good prize! Fun, huh? I thought so. So I entered last night. Wanna see what piece I chose?

Here's my Instagram:

It's a jelly cupboard that used to belong to my grandparents. It's an ancient piece and I love it. It adds so much character to our apartment, plus it provides a TON of storage space.

Here's a "real photo" of it too:

Apologies for the glare - the windows to the right cast a funny light on that piece.

And though this contest isn't about styling, I kind of love the vignettes I've got on top of it right now.

The frame holds a tiny watercolor painting of me and my husband from our wedding. The W letter used to be plain black - I spray painted it glossy white and added popsicle sticks to the front for some fun texture. My favorite (and only) plants, the succulents, sit in the bottom half of an apothecary jar. I love that I haven't been able to kill them yet (I've had them for almost a year!). They're sitting on a pretty little cake stand (for sale in my Etsy shop right now!), which sits on top of a few design books. If you've got a good eye, you may have noticed that the confetti banner I made recently found a home strung along the top of the mirror.

If you'd like to read Emily's post on her contest, go here. Entries close on Friday, the 26th, so jump on it if you want to enter!

And yes, to the observant people (like those ones who noticed the confetti banner :) ), I mentioned Emily Henderson in yesterday's post too. She has no idea who I am, or that I'm mentioning this contest- I just think she's super awesome!

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