Jackson's Brilliant Plan

Hey there, Jackson here. This weekend, I decided that it had been way too long since my last post on my mom's blog. I decided I had to find a way to snag one of her coveted posts. So I came up with a brilliant plan to make sure I not only got my time in the spotlight today, but that I would get more attention on here in the future too. 

Want to know what I did?

I tore up my bed.

The one my mom made for me.

What, you think that was a bad idea?

She may be slightly peeved at me now, but let me explain why this is, in fact, a brilliant plan. Trust me, I thought this one through.

There are three things I know for sure about my mom.
  1. She loves me.
  2. She likes to make things. (Seems like she's always doing something.)
  3. She jumps at the opportunity to write about stuff like this. (I still don't really understand why.)
Since she loves me, I knew she'd forgive me for destroying my bed. And because she likes to make things, this "unfortunate" incident gives her a chance to make me a new one! Then she can write about it here.

So actually, I'm helping her out. Aren't I a good dog?

In the mean time, while she gets her act together to make me a new one, I'm enjoying lounging on this blanket that looks like me. My "blanket twin," if you will...

{can you see me?}

I pawed this thing out of that basket you see below all by myself. Clearly I know what I want, and I know how to get it.

But I'm not spoiled or anything.

It's a good substitute for my bed, don't you think?

{My bed may have a giant hole in it, but don't focus on that - focus on how cute and innocent I look!}

Overall, I'm pretty proud of this plan. I'm sure my mom will keep you posted on her plans to make me a new bed (because of course she'll be making me a new one soon).

P.S. My mom read this blog post recently entitled "Top 10 Reasons You Know You Are Obsessed With Your Dog," and she said everything there was true. I can't read, so I don't really know what it says, but I'm totally ok with it if it means she's obsessed with me. You may want to read it if you're obsessed with your dog too.

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  1. Awww I'm such a sucker for puppy eyes and kitty eyes. That look just makes everything ok. So sweet.
    (Thanks for coming over to my blog earlier and nice to meet you Chaney)

  2. That looks like something my Smooshy would do! Little rascal! Seriously, though...what a cutie. I bet Ru and Jackson would get along fabulously!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

    1. Dogs are so mischievous, aren't they? Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

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