DIY Pantry Labels

Hello friends! I'm back today with some more details on the labels you saw yesterday in my pantry makeover "after" photos. 

Towards the end of my reorganization shenanigans last weekend, once everything had its designated "home," I stepped back to admire my work and realized something was missing...

It was all looking a little, blah. A bit utilitarian.

I needed a little something extra to pretty up and unify the contents. If I couldn't have a whole pantry full of beautiful matching containers, at least I could add a splash of fun to some of the mismatched containers I did have. 

The solution? Labels!

I flipped open my laptop and created a series of labels using Illustrator. I'm still learning how to use it (I'll probably continue to say that for awhile - the learning curve is pretty steep!), but it's oh so fun to use. I designed a label for each clear container and one box (that lovely shoe box on the bottom right in the photo above) in my newly organized pantry. When all was said and done, I ended up with these:
The actual (very easy!) labeling process went a little something like this:

I printed them out...

Cut them out using my handy dandy paper trimmer...

Matched up the label with the appropriate container...

Grabbed a strip of removable double-sided tape (so I can easily change out the labels if I need/want to) and stuck it on the container...

And slapped the label on top of the tape.


I repeated the process until all containers were labeled.

Then back into the pantry they went.

Such an easy process. This bit of pizzazz was just what the pantry cabinet needed.

You could easily replicate this process with your own design. You certainly don't need Illustrator to make something just as cute. Powerpoint or Word would definitely work too! Want more details? Let me know in the comments and I'd be happy to go more in depth on the design process.


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