Word of the Year

What a title huh? You may be wondering how can a single word encompass a whole year's worth of living. It does seem a bit ambitious, doesn't it? In a lot of ways, it's kind of like making a New Year's resolution - something that is quite popular right now to do since it's the beginning of January and all. ;)

I can't take credit for the topic of today's post. It was inspired by Layla over at The Lettered Cottage. She's chosen a word for (at least?) the past two years, and does a great job of explaining it, so I'm borrowing this quote from her blog...

"choose one word that has the potential to inspire 
you and create intention in your life, all year long."

This word is something you can incorporate into all the other goals/resolutions/vision you have for 2013.

I like this idea.

So I chose a word this year while C and I had a marathon 2013 planning session last week. My word is:

There are about a million definitions for open, but the one that fits with what I'm "going for" here is: "characterized by ready accessibility and usually generous attitude." (Thanks, definition #10.)

I want to be open to...
This openness is both on the surface and on a deeper level. What I mean is that it encompasses my attitude toward something like decorating my home, but also something like giving up my iron grip on control over my life. Letting Someone else lead. Taking a chance on something outside my comfort zone. Be willing to change my plans in both small and big ways.

So here's to 2013's word! Maybe I'll even write a follow up post in December to update you on how it went!

Will you join me in choosing a word of the year?

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  1. Ooh! Good idea! My word of the year would have to be "gentle". A reminder to be gentle with myself and gentle with my expectations.

  2. This is great... It seems we were both inspired by Layla! You have a great blog!

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