Adobe Illustrator - First Project!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, many of my Christmas gifts were design/crafty related, and one that I'm really excited about is Adobe Creative Suite 6 (yippee, hooray!). Up until now, I have been using either Powerpoint or Keynote (Apple's version of Powerpoint) to design things like my parents' Christmas party invitation and cards, our Christmas card, and iPhone case inserts among other things. While this worked pretty well, I quickly discovered that it's ultimately limited in its technical abilities (I'll spare you the nerdy details - just trust me!). Creative Suite 6, or CS6 for short, has practically no limits, making it AWESOME, but it also makes it a challenge to learn. There are several separate programs within the software, so it'll definitely be a learning curve. I mean, people get degrees in this kind of stuff, right? I'm so up for this challenge, though. New year, new adventure!

Once I got it installed the other day, I did start to play around with it to see what I could do without a lot of instruction. I started with the Illustrator software, which is graphic-design-oriented. Adobe has some video tutorials that walk you through different parts of the software, and I found them to be enormously helpful. If you have the software and would like to take a look at them, you can find them here.

For my first project, I bumbled my way through designed an iPhone case insert. I figured that would be a relatively simple thing to try. I have a case with a clear back, so it's fun to change out the design every now and then. I previously had the chevron one in this graphic below (from the inserts I designed back in October).

And here's the new one I made using Illustrator:

I added my monogram to the design because of my love for preppy things (and hey, who doesn't love something that's personalized?). I promptly printed it out and stuck it in my case and am loving the result.

I hope to get more familiar with the software in the coming days/weeks/months - we'll see how long it takes ;). I'm a fan so far!

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    1. The dimensions for the insert are 4.87" H and 2.31" W (the dimensions of the iPhone 5). Hope that helps!

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