Christmas Rewind

Take a little journey with me back a week or so ago to Christmas through the lens of Instagram. We had a wonderful week off of work - full of family, friends and fun adventures.

We spent the weekend before Christmas with my in-laws where we hiked...

{it was unbelievably freezing and windy - but worth it for that view!}

{the reward for a freezing hike. mmm.}

...and saw our first snowflakes of the year (I so still get giddy when I see those little white flakes coming out of the sky).

On the twenty-fourth we took a quick drive to my parents' house where we went to our annual Christmas Eve dinner with long-time family friends. We always take a family photo or two (my brother and sister-in-law were missed this year!)...

Christmas day was quiet and relaxed, so much so that I didn't really pick up my phone all day. No Instagrams, sorry!

On the morning of the twenty-sixth, we woke up to more snowflakes! And slightly more accumulation this time :).

We then headed down to my parents' river house for several days.

Jackson exemplifies how we spent most of our time...

We played several rounds of a game called Bazaar (it's become a family favorite since last Christmas), and I won one of them, which of course I documented. What can I say, I'm proud of my accomplishment :).

Took a trip to a nearby beach where we collected tiny shells and watched Jackson sprint back and forth along the water's edge...

{I think this member of the family may have enjoyed the sand and water the most - he was tired for days!}

My brother and sister-in-law joined us at the river for the weekend...

And then we headed home. Back to real life. And yes, we now have matching Barbour jackets, ha!

Needless to say we had the best time. Wish it wasn't over...but we will hold onto the memories and look forward to more trips like these in the future!

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