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As a new blogger, I am constantly looking to other blogs as examples and inspiration. I think it's super cool how much blogging has grown over the past few years from a foreign concept to completely mainstream. Some are even making a living from it. I mostly follow home/interior/graphic design blogs as my daily reads, and I try not to go too far down the rabbit hole from there - though that's hard not to do! These people are uber-creative and I love keeping up with them. They're almost - dare I say it - like my friends. Except, oh wait, they don't know me at all! It's a little weird right? These blogging relationships. And one thing I appreciate about my favorites is that they keep it real. They aren't afraid to show the good with the bad, the mistakes along with the amazing successes. This is important because it can be so easy to look at a blog with perfect photography, flawlessly styled accessories and happy families and say to yourself, "Man, what a perfect life. Why isn't mine like that?" Rather than applauding their creativity, you get bogged down in your discontentment with your own house/family/life. Let's avoid that sentiment, shall we?

Ok, enough rambling. What I really want to show you today are some of my absolute favorite blogs. You may have been to many of these sites, but I hope I'll be able to introduce you to at least one new one along the way. Let's take a journey down blog-header lane...click on it to go to the site! In alphabetical order...

Phew! I just sent you off on into a giant rabbit hole, didn't I? Oops. And it's only fitting that I end with Young House Love, because I'm going to their book signing tonight! (!!!) I can't wait to meet them. I'm going to be all awkward and silly, but I'm sure it will be great. I'll let you know how it goes!

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