That Time I Met John & Sherry From Young House Love

I'm still giddy and grinning from ear to ear after meeting John and Sherry from Young House Love last night at FLOR in DC (!!!). It's a little embarrassing how excited I was. I mean, we lived in the same {small} city for four years and  I always hoped to run into them, but it never happened, so you can understand how exciting it was to have a guarantee to meet and chat with them for a hot second.

Here's the play-by-play - mostly for my own posterity so that I can remember the details down the road - but I hope you'll enjoy hearing about it too! Bear with me as over-share.

4:30 - Promptly leave work on time and speed drive quickly home for a fast turnaround.

5:30 - Hop on the bus to Georgetown because parking is a bear down there.

5:40 - Look longingly into the new Jonathan Adler store that I have yet to visit and...WAIT. Is that? Oh my gosh, it is! John and Sherry are in the Jonathan Adler store! I almost yelled, "STOP THE BUS," but I restrained myself. They were meandering around the store and taking photos. Presumably for the blog. I'll keep my eye out for that post. I may or may not have mentioned later when I met them that I saw them in the store. Ok, I definitely did. Not creepy at all.

5:45 - Arrive at FLOR to see this line has already formed.

Don't worry, it got longer. I was about one-third of the way back in a line of probably 300 people. I asked the people at the front of the line how long they'd been there, and they said since 3:30! Now that's commitment. I thought I was doing well getting there 45 minutes early.

6:15 - The cookie truck that I've been eyeing for the past half hour announces that they're giving out free cookies and hot drinks to all the people in line (courtesy of FLOR). I immediately ask the people behind me to save my spot, and I indulge. Thanks Captain Cookie and the Milkman! My molasses cookie and hot apple cider were delicious. You made waiting outside much more bearable. Plus, I hadn't had dinner yet, so I was hungry. Nothing healthier than a cookie, right?

Bytheway, how cute is their truck? I am so impressed with the creativity. 

6:30 - Line starts moving.

6:45 - I can finally see the entrance to FLOR. Hope for thawing my frozen hands and feet is in sight! Another bonus - they're handing out popcorn as we get closer. My "dinner" keeps getting healthier :).

7:00 - Made it in the door. Yippee! Once there, I am greeted by a nice lady who offers me wine. I accept. I should mention that all the FLOR people did a fantastic job handling the enormous amount of people. They were great hosts and deserve lots of high-fives and pats on the back.

7:30 - Inching closer to the front of the line. Eventually I get close enough to take some creeper photos of John and Sherry as they're signing books. Hey, J&S, if you ever read this, I apologize if it looked like I was staring you down for like 15 straight minutes. Know it was out of love. I was just trying to take in every moment I could! I promise I'm a perfectly normal human (that is, until I get all giddy about meeting some of my favorite bloggers!). 

Sherry was hilarious, making jokes with people as she signed books. While I was waiting, she was talking about awesome band names that she'd come up with recently including "Pass the Mustard" - good one, yes? I loved seeing John and Sherry interact with each other, too. They have such an easy-going, down-to-earth attitude about this whole thing and are clearly having a blast.

7:45 - The moment arrived. I walked up to the table and they signed my book. Hooray! (Sherry even complimented my jacket on my way up...yessss.) They were super nice, and you could tell they really wanted to have a conversation with each person as they signed their books. It's not easy to be genuine with 300-plus people, but they managed to do it so well. I told them how I used to live in Richmond, and how I couldn't believe we hadn't run into each other since we frequented so many of the same places while I lived there. It took them coming to my new city to finally meet them!

And of course I couldn't leave without getting a picture with them. 

As I headed out, I kept thinking to myself, "Act cool," when I wanted to jump up and down and do a happy dance. I couldn't help but smile as I walked out the door to catch the bus home. It was a great evening. Thanks so much, John and Sherry, for your awesomeness. You made my month. Keep doing what you do. 

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  1. Just saw your link on YHL and came over to see your blog... I enjoyed your recap of the Georgetown FLOR signing experience, and your taste in general from your last few posts. :) ALSO, I really like the title of your blog (recognize it from a favorite hymn). May your day be blessed!

    Randa (the girl w/ the Nov. 15 sign in today's YHL post) :)

    1. Thank you, Randa! I love the hymn too :).

      And way to go getting your picture in their recap post. That must have been a fun surprise!

  2. So jealous!! I wish I could have met them!! And I totally agree - there is nothing healthier than a cookie :)

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