Burlap DIY Roundup

This fall, I've been kind of obsessed with all-things-burlap. There's something about the warmth that the texture brings, the soft brown color and the versatility of the fabric. I started thinking about all the different projects I could do with it, and pulled up some of my favorite projects from other bloggers to share with you today.  Take a guess about which one I'm planning to conquer over the next couple of weeks...if you guess correctly, well, I don't have a prize for you, but you can give yourself a big ole pat on the back! How's that for a reward?

First off, we have this gorgeous table skirt with Greek key trim on the bottom. (On a side note, check out the rest of this porch from Dixie Delights. It's beautiful, huge and inviting - I'm sure they spend all kinds of time out there. May she'll let me visit sometime?)
{Dixie Delights}

Next up are some adorably simple placemats. It's amazing how the addition of a single word really makes these placemats. And who says you even need to use them as placemats? Emily A. Clark framed them and put them in her eat-in kitchen!

{Cottage and Vine}

This burlap-wrapped plant is maybe the simplest of all, but what a great idea. Maybe I'll add something like this to my succulent pots when I'm ready to change things up. Oh, the versatility of succulents. Love 'em. :)
{Amanda Carol at Home}

This ruffle wreath has always been a favorite of mine. Emily did a whole tutorial on how to make one (and several other wreaths). Her tutorials are the best.
{jones design company}

And last but not least is the "give thanks" bunting. It's such a nice touch to this fall mantle. I love the casual, handmade feel of the whole thing.
{Proverbs 31 Girl}

Ok, now let the guessing games begin. Which one am I going to take on? Drumroll... The last one! The burlap bunting! I think I'm going to make one that says "autumn" to hang on a mirror in our living room. I'll report back in the next week or so with the finished product.

Did any of these projects inspire you? Let me know in the comments!

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