Fishing Adventure

This past weekend, I headed down to my parents' river house for the weekend. My brother and sister-in-law were in town, so my parents and I headed down to spend the weekend with them. You know what we spent most of our time doing? Fishing. Yep. And we loved it! Such a simple pleasure. There was plenty of relaxing, eating, football-watching (my poor, poor Auburn Tigers just can't get it together this year. Major sad face.), and board-game-playing too, but I thought I'd share a few pictures of our fishing adventures with you. (Hey, that rhymed!)

We got started with some lovely bloodworms and hoped the fish would catch a whiff...

Watch out for the scary lady with the fishing knife! (Love you, Mom :))

Got started casting a few lines...

Then my sister-in-law had the catch of the day with a huge fish! (Relatively - I mean, we were fishing off the dock in shallow water...) It was awesome!

We put it in the cooler to save for dinner that night...

Then guess what happened? That fish was so strong, it wriggled its way OUT of the cooler and INTO the water! That big stinker got away! We were not. thrilled.

But we carried on. Most of our other fish from the dock were more like this:

So we headed out on the boat to bigger waters that promised to bring in many fish. And many fish were caught. But, they were all about the size of this:

So we (nicely) let them go. Hopefully they'll grow up to be big ole fish, and then we'll get 'em again in the future :).

One fun little surprise was a dolphin sighting. There were three right next to our boat. Too bad I couldn't get my camera out fast enough to get them up close. But see that fin in the distance? That's one of 'em.

All in all, it was a grand adventure with a spectacular sunset at the end of it. Here's to more fishing (and bigger fish?) in the future!

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